Lets Discuss What is Homophobia and What is not

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It seems like the word “homophobia has to me, lost its meaning. Everyone loves to throw that word around fro the most basic things nowadays.So let us differentiate between being actually homophobic versus having a strong opposing opinion against the LGBT community.

According to Merrian Websters dictionary, “homophobia” is the irrational fear of homosexuals that leads to persecution and discrimination.

Sounds simple right? You would think.

For the past few months I have seen the word “homophobic” being thrown at popular figures who sometimes say off the wall and confusing statements about the LGBT community. However, I do not think that they mean any malice towards the community. Vivica A. Fox was called homophobic for saying her male strippers would not go to gay clubs. However, she explained she thought that the gay community would rather have strippers and strip clubs that cater to gay clients.

The popular rap group Migos were slammed when they implied that the rapper IloveMakeoneon had destroyed his credibility by coming out as gay. I did think their statement was ignorant and did not make any sense what so ever. His “street” credibility is still intact because his past struggles and experiences have not changed at all and actually his success has only increased since then, but I digress.  But I do believe that they did not mean harm to the LGBT community and were nonthreatening. In a roundabout way, the Migos were voicing their own fears and the general stigmas of the possible consequences that “coming out” can have on artists within the Hiphop and R&B community that are prevalent still today in this century.

Now do not get me wrong, homophobia is real and it should be called out. Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Waka Flocka, Kirk Cameron are all homophobic and should be called out for their homophobia. I just think we need to focus on these aggressive acts of homophobia that will affect all LGBT peoples lives, rather than someone simply saying a foolish opinion.

The most popular drag queen in the world Rupaul just announced he recently got married. Instantly, a bunch of homophobes came right to YouTube sending death threats and praying that Ru and his husband (who he has been with for 23 yrs mind you) get killed, kidnapped, run over, taken out in the back and shot dead. This is unacceptable and disturbing to threaten someones life over the issue.

I did not see as many articles addressing these blatant aggressive and violent threats of homophobia. I did not see some of these “woke gay activists” challenging these fools on the internet, social media, and in the media in general. Then on the other side of the spectrum I have questions for the hate mongers. If these people are so homophobic then…how did you get to this video? Like if you are so disgusted by two men getting married why are you clicking on the video to watch them in the first place?

Why do you care so much?

These are the questions we need to ask when we are addressing homophobia. We also need to learn to ignore people who say stupid things and recognize that everyone has/are entitled to their opinion. However, when that opinion changes into a threats and can be put into dangerous aggressive action as well as harm a group of people…it is time to call it out.


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