We need to include the B In LGBT

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Popular Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez, (who recently last year came out as Bisexual) has taken aim at the mini-series When We Rise, which documents the beginning and the future of the Gay Rights Movement. Ramirez said that there was a bi erasure and that bisexual people need to be acknowledged along with gays, lesbians, and transgenders.

I do agree with her. I saw the miniseries When We Rise and I was impressed by the story telling. It showed people from different racial and gender backgrounds as they try to gain civil rights.

However, I do see where Sara Ramirez was coming from. It would have been nice to see a bisexual character in the show. Many people were complaining that Ramirez was bashing this show which did push boundaries.

I disagree with this notion. I think Ramirez like many in the LGBT community, were very excited for the miniseries and felt left out. Bisexuals are apart of the community. They are after all the “B” in LGBT.

Many people like to pretend Bisexuals do not exist or simply think they are just a confused group people straddling the fence because they are either to scared to cross over completely or just experimenting…which is just bullshit. Yes, being Bisexual is very much so real. Some people really do like both men AND women.

You would think the LGBT community and associated media would have this fact down to a science. But this clearly is something that needs to be addressed before we go to marching and fighting for more rights. If the community expects to move forward, the B in LGBT needs to be acknowledged.


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