It is Just a Character People

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Pop superstar Becky G announced a few weeks ago that she was going to be playing the iconic yellow ranger. However, there is going to be a twist. The Yellow Ranger is supposedly a lesbian. Well as you might have guessed that caused quite a debate online. Some people were happy for LGBT representation. Others were upset, saying how this was destroying children’s minds. A few went as far as to call it “Queerbait” and accused the movie producers for pandering to the LGBT community. As expected, there were conservatives that were saying that a kids movie is no place for it and that LGBT issues should be kept in teen and young adult areas.

My opinion is this…it is just a character.

No little kids are going to be corrupted by watching this little movie. Most people who are going to go watch it are going to be people from my generation (90s) who are in their twenties as that was when the Power Rangers TV Show was at its most popular. As an honorable mentions,  this could be seen as retribution for David Yost who played the original blue ranger, has revealed that homophobia was the reason he had left the show and really walked away from acting.

Let us not forget the characters themselves are in high school. High school has changed a lot from when the series first started in the early nineties.Also, high school is a very crucial moment in all young adults lives and usually the crux of discovering ones sexuality and sexual education. It is expected that high school situations and conversations will go beyond the “G”  to “Pg-13” rating that parents like to fantasize for their special little snow flakes.

I do understand what some people are saying,when it comes to “Queerbaiting.” I would like for some of these movie directors and comic book producers to come up with new characters that are LGBT instead of making/forcing established characters LGBT to just appeal to the LGBT demographic to get numbers and viewers. However, change does come with progress. I will say that having a talented performer as Becky G play Trini the yellow ranger is not harming anyone. Every character in a kid’s movie (with a few exceptions, i.e. Paranorman) has been straight and there are plenty of gay kids who are coming out as we speak. Also, it is not like the character is having lesbian sex in front of your precious six year old.

Just like with Beauty and the Beast and Finding Dory, people are making a big controversy out of this. Regardless, I predict this will only produce more publicity for the film and people will want to check it out to see what all the fuss is about thus contributing to the movie’s box office success. The majority will not care about this issue at all while watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suit up for the first time again but for this new generation. In the end, all people will fall in love with the Power Rangers once more and childhood nostalgia will once more prevail.


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