We Need to Take human Trafficking,and Runaway Teens Seriously

Image result for human trafficking

I saw on social media that there are some girls who have gone missing in the nations capital, Washington D.C. I do not know all the facts,and I would be lying to you if I said I did. I do not know how many girls are missing because some girls have been found I have heard,and some girls are not missing at all. However, there are some who are missing,and I hope and pray that they are found and returned. I will say this tho,we need to take Human Trafficking seriously. It is a problem that doe snot just effect third world countries. It effects us all cause we all share one community called life. We need to educate ourselves on human trafficking,and bring down leaders who allow it to happen. We have to give survivors their spaces to tell there story. We also need to help build teen homeless shelters,and try and help these kids find a home,get an education,so they do not run into a life filled with shackles in the back of a truck. A friend once told me that there is no such thing as slavery in the world anymore. This is how I knew we needed to do better.


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