We Need to Talk About LGBT people worldwide

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Allot has happened this week. I saw images on my tv screen of kids dying from a chemical bomb. I then saw the President of the United States send a missle because of that attack. I am currently seeing everyone else sit back and bite their nails. However, I also saw some other stuff that made me mad. I saw reports of gay men in Russia going missing. Now this  does not surprise me for Russia is known for being a homophobic country. However, I think I was living in my own echo chamber to fully realize what has been happening in that country. When a Russian official was asked about it, he proclaimed that it was not true because there were no gays in Russia,and if there were their families would deal with it. That is very alarming. I then started to do some research,and I was shocked by how bad life is for LGBT people who live in foreign countries. Half the countries in the East,and in Africa have laws that basically says it is ok to kill gay people. If that was not enough ISIS is currently posting videos of gay men being thrown from rooftops. I then realized that even I as a black gay american man have one of the greatest privileges of all. I am privileged to live in America. It is not a perfect country,but I do not have to worry about being beheaded,or imprisoned,or beaten till I am blue only for daring to be the person I am. I think it is easy for some of us to be so concerned with our little echo chambers we forget not everyone has it like we do. I can go on twitter and call out Mike Pence past homophobic remarks. However, while I may have an angry exchange with a Pence supporter the gay men in Russia are facing way worse than hurt feelings. We need to reach out to our LGBT family across the world. No one should be imprisoned just for falling in love.


4 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About LGBT people worldwide

  1. Amen! People don’t realize how good they have it here, my friend saw something where people protesting in Turkey had to wear masks to protect their identity and they were being stoned!


    1. Exactly, I think we have so much privilege leaving here in the US that we take for granted. I mean the fact that we are more upset at a Pepsi commercial then the execution of gay men,or the continued church bombings in Egypt really proves this

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