Please Do Not blame gay people for the persecution they are facing.

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Last night there was a story circulating all ver the web. There have been reports of gay men being dragged from their homes in Chechnya and being sent to concentration camps. Yes, people concentration camps. It has come to that. There are reports of gay men being tortured to reveal other gay men who are still in the closet,and wor dis that three men are dead. , there is the link if you want to read more about it. The most disturbing part however, were the comments on the internet. So many people had the audacity to quote scriptures,and try to justify the killing of innocent people. Other people have said that it is the gays fault for being so open,and if they do not like the homophobia they should leave. I had to blink my eyes to see if I was reading what I thought I was reading. Other people were using this to denounce Muslims,and proclaim that the same would happen in the US if more refugees were let in. However, those same people hold the same bigoted and hateful views towards LGBT people as ISIS so they can just be quiet. It also underscores the plight of LGBT people who live in Nigeria,Congo,and Uganda where there are laws that make it ok to kill gay people based on militant views of Christianity. Some people said that not enough attention was being paid to gay men in Indonesia where two gay men are facing 100 lashes for having sex in the privacy of their own home. That is a valid point,we do need to focus on that,however,the only difference between that and the Chechyan concentration camps is one man Putin. Putin has lead Russia,and all the areas around it to have homophobic laws,and attitudes. It all started with anti gay propaganda and it has lead to this. The fact that so many people have hate in their hearts to try and justify this makes me realize that I live din a bubble. I am privileged to live in this country the United States of America, which is not perfect but I know I do not have to worry about being taken away to a camp because of who I love. I hope people come to their senses,but if not I will still be here blogging about the LGBT people in oppressive countries. They are what truly matters.


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