Instead of Going off on Twitter, It is time we vote these bigots out

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Earlier this week,some republican senators from North Carolina drafted a bill that would basically declare the Supreme court case which legalized gay marriage,as unconstitutional and they would have re instated the gay marriage and civil union bans that the state had on the books before the Supreme Court decision. Luckily the bill did not even make it to the floor ,however it is in a basket of other bills from other states such as Texas,and South Dakota where religious conservatives are trying to weasel their way around gay marriage. Religious Liberty laws are being drafted all over the South,and the Midwest. Many people immediately went to twitter to voice their concerns and curse out all the conservatives in the world. However,cursing someone out on twitter will not help the situation. It is time to do the research and vote. This election revealed many people do not know what is at stake when they stay at home. It is time to buckle down. Do the damn research on candidates who support you,and show up at the polls and vote these bigots out. This has gone to far,and I am frankly tired of the bullshit. The midterm elections are coming up. I better see you at the polls.


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