What to do when your Disappointed with your relatives

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Last Saturday I got a call from a very close relative of mine. This particular person is like me interested in the politics of the world,and how are government works. Well me and this person had stopped communicating for about five years and he decided to come back in my life. I was OK with that but there was a small part that had some doubt about the whole thing.Saturday it confirmed why I had doubt. We were talking about North Korea which instead lead to this person having a complete tirade about how evil the White Media is,and how it is trying to make North Korea look bad. What was the most shocking aspect of this conversation was when this particular person stated in the conversation that the reason no one likes the Jewish people is because they are a terrible race of people. That every where they go they bring chaos with them,and it is because of them they that the world has homosexuality,prostitution, and pure debauchery. I was completely caught off guard,one because I could not believe that this person who is actual a smart person would say something so prejudice and just full of shit. However, i was even more sad because I knew now that this person had not changed at all like I thought they had. I as an openly gay African American male knows what it feels like to be labeled all those words this person used to label a complete group of people. The fact that this person can claim to be about fairness,but be so unfair is beyond me. I could not even sleep that night,as his words still rang in my conscience. Sunday Morning was Easter Sunday,and I even though I am not deeply religious I was looking forward to going to Church. i then thought about how hurt Jesus must have felt when he was being persecuted by his peers. It made me realize that we all our capable of being hurt,and hurting someone. I felt like I should not have been hurt by what this person said,after all I am not Jewish. However, I know how bigotry works. I know how words like this can incite hate. I know these actions are what lead to Jesus being on the cross. I do not know how I am going to deal with this person. I sometimes feel like I am being sensitive. However, I could not ignore this feeling.That is why I am writing my thoughts all right here,all naked and scared and afraid. I am most of all disappointed. That is a feeling I will always feel with me and this person. Hopefully history is different this time.


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