Charlize Theron,Angelina Jolie,and my Own Biases

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There has been a debate online about how actress Charlize Theron is raising her first adopted child. There are pictures of Charlizes son wearing dresses for Halloween,and even wearing a dress sometimes when he is out walking with his mom. Some people are praising it saying he is expressing himself,others are saying it is disrespectful especially because her son is a different race from her. Now, I unfortunate fall in the latter. I did think it was weird that she let her son dress like that,and I was even alittle worried because I know people were going to be mad at that,and throw hate at Charlize who I think is a phenomenal actress. However, the more i looked into it I realized that I myself was full of shit. I spend allot of time calling out other peoples bullshit,I forgot to check my own self. I am criticizing Charlize,when in the past i had praised Angelina Jolie for  letting her daughter Shiloh wear boy clothes,and wear her hair short. I think I have fallen in the same line that everyone else has fallen in. When a girl does something that is associated mainly with masculinity it is praised and everyone gives it a thumbs up. When a boy does something feminine it is looked down on,people start parent shaming,and a big thumbs down is given. I have unfortunate fallen in to that line of thinking even though I am all for androgyny,and letting old fashioned ideas of masculinity,and femininity fade away. I am ashamed for assuming  Charlize is a bad parent because I really do think she is a good parent. She gets very emotional when talking about her son,and her little daughter just like Angelina gets emotional about er daughter Shiloh. I am sorry for my hypocrisy,and I will try and do better.



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