Why Did No One Step in During the Cleveland Situation

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Earlier today it was announced that the Cleveland killer who ruthlessly shot an elderley man on facebook live on Easter had killed himself. This follows two days of a massive manhunt in which five states had to be put on high alert. There are more details coming out in this situation. It seems the man snapped when his girlfriend broke up with him. There are more videos coming out which shows the said killer talking about how he had dark thoughts,and he really felt like killing people. As usual,people on social media were focusing on things like why it was taking so long to find this man,when instead they should have been focusing on why no one who saw these videos bothered to step in and help this man. I am so sick of something happening,and everyone acting all shocked. No,when you see something say something. This and the San Bernadino situation are perfect examples of why people need to take these situations seriously,and these warning signs seriously and get these people some help. Please we have to do better!!!!!!


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