Dick Van Dyke is half Right

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Saturday veteran actor Dick Van Dyk eof Mary Poppins,and Bye Bye Birdie fame explained how dissappointed he was in the Childrens movies of today. He explained that when Walt Disney was alive the family movies were better. He explains that movie like Harry Potter have to much violence in them,and that they can really scare children. He explains he wants movies like Mary Poppins made again. Now I understand what Dick is saying. The movies of his era are for the most part over. Musicals only come back every ten years,i some movies there is no more happily ever after,and the violence is gorrier. However, I must say it is a different time period.Harry Potter does have violence in it,however it did not start out like that. When the Sorcers stone was released Harry Potter was a kids movie. Now it is not so much because like the audience watching Harry has also grown up. He realizes that the lines between right and wrong are sometimes blurred.That evil will always be here,and you have to constantly fight to win. These are definitely not like Disney movies of the 60s were a song and dance cured everything.Films like harry Potter allow for an honest look at human nature. That we are all capable of doing bad. I understand what Dick is saying. I sometimes wish kids movies still had substance like Mary Poppins. However, I also realize that some of the movies offer a blueprint for how to handle the world.


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