I am so lost as to why people are mad at 13 Reasons

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As usual people will find any reason to be mad now a days. I see people getting mad at the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why which is about a girl who commits suicide,and leaves behind thirteen tapes which her friend reads as to why she committed suicide. I saw so many people talking about how this show romanticizes suicide,and how it is capatalyzing off of teen drama. My response as usual is to shut the fuck up!!!!!!!! I mean really,this show offers the most honest look at teen suicide since the 90s classic Heathers. This show reveals how some kid shave no support. How guidance counselors do not help kids they are hired to help. That everyone likes to dismiss serious crisis as just regular teen drama. That the person who commits suicide is not just doing it for attention,there was a specific reason why the character commits suicide. I am shocked no one is seeing the good this show is doing. This show has started an important dialogue,and a need to reform how we talk about these issues. To be fair the suicide scene is controversial and I even cried when I saw it. Sometimes we need to be confronted with dark stuff like that,to change the world.


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