La’porsha renae,and The Choice to Be Gay

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Recently American Idol contestant La’Porsha renae was recently on the daytime show The Real where she explained her tweets where she said she choice to be with a woman,and then she choice to be straight. She explains that she was molested as a child by men,and afraid to be heart by a man she then went on dating woman. She still stands by her claim that sexuality is a choice. Also Breaking Bad star Lavell Crawford has also recently made comments where he said being gay is a choice and gay men need to try some pussy,and lesbians just need some good dick. Now see I have been hearing this stuff for a very long time,ever since ninth grade to be honest. I understand what La’Porsha is saying and it is her own story to tell. My problem is the homophobic people who use her stories to justify their hatred of gay people. In high school people would ask me was I molested and say it all loud and proud where everyone could hear them. I was then lambasted with comments such as gay people should not have kids or be around kids because that will influence the kids to be gay I have also heard from men who have asked me repeatedly how I can not like pussy,and some of them will even say that all lesbians girls are just wanting to try some stuff out and this hard dick will bring them back. It is that shit that makes my blood boil. I am so sick of this shit if I am completely honest.  The fact that bisexuality gets dismissed like this,when there are plenty of bisexuals in the world pisses me off. The fact that people go on you tube to spew hate on almost every gay platform claiming it is a choice,be straight or else pisses me off. If it was a choice do you think the gay men and women who ISIS throws off buildings would choose to be gay? When Chechnya is imprisoning gays do you think it is a choice? When Turkey gay men and woman have to risk their lives just to have a parade advocating for their humanity and the army throws tear gas at them do you think they choose to do that?I am pissed that everytime someone sees a lesbian couple they automatically think it is a phase,or when two men walk hand in hand people wanna reduce there relationship to just sex. Now to be fair I know some LGBT people who are the victims of child molestation. However, I understand some of the molestation happened after they realized they were gay. I hate when ignorant pastors,and politicians use stories like that to try and “prove”that gay people are a threat to society,and to kids. I hate that it does nothing for the safety,and well being of victims of child molestation. I hate that when some kid comes out there will always be someone who will ask who molested you, like what happened to me. To be quite honest,I am fed up with the whole thing. However, and I think this is because I have started college, I realized that a strong person does not need no one to validate their experiences. If someone thinks I am gay because I was  molested,then so be it. If someone wants to ask why I do not try pussy,then so be it. I know what I am and I am not insecure or quit about it. I will keep doing what I am doing and advocating for LGBT people all over this world. I am not angry at La’Porshae nor do I hate Lavell. However, I have made it very clear who I am mad at,and i will leave it at that.


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