Survivor,LGBT Unity,and the act of forgivness

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Last week there was a clip that circulated online that showed openly gay player Varner outing transgender contestant Zeke. Immediately Varner was called out by the rest of the cast including the host Jeff. However, I will say that Zeke really held himself together. He explained that he did not tell anyone because he did not want to be called the trans gendered contestant he wanted to be known as a survivor contestant. Varner who has advocated for LGBT issues,and who himself is openly gay immediate apologized and felt horrible. He explained he thought everyone else knew and that he was only trying to save himself. Nevertheless he was sent home and a fierce debate has started. Many are still calling Varner out for transphobia,and he has even lost his job as a real estate agent. There are some saying Zeke is catalyzing off of this controversy,and saying that he really did lie. Then there are people who recognize what Varner did was wrong but say that he did apologize and he should not be hung on a stake for it. I fall into that group. What Varner did was wrong no dount. He playe dinto a common belief that rans people are evil deviants who are waiting to trick people to get there jollies off. However, Varner is gay himself and he has advocated in his state of North Carolina for trans people. Zeke is not capitalizing off of this I feel. He handled himself very well.he did not yell at Varner he even hugged him and explained he did not hold it against him. This brought up questions about unity of the LGBT community. There are some trans activist who say gay men do not stand up for them,or thrown them under the bus. These are important things to talk about,but please leave Varner alone. If Zeke forgave him then so can the rest of us.


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