Where is all this Anti-Semitism is coming From?

Image result for anti semitic

There has been an alarming growth in anti semism I feel. I am seeing it on the right with the alt right movement and the memes which are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. I am also seeing it on the left with some militant black people posting questionable post about the evil jews that control the media. Now to be clear some stuff that is labeled anti semetic I feel like is not anti semetic. If someone criticizes Israel for something questionable that Israel has done that is not anti semetism. That is criticism that can be fairly debated. However,when a Jewish cemetery or a Jewish day school has been graffiti ed with Swastikas,and phrases such as bring Auschwitz back that is not only bigotry,but downright hate. I do not know where all of this hate is coming from. I sort of want to blame this climate we are in. Where fake news stories pop up and the lines between fact and fiction have gotten blurred so badly they are forming a new color. People ask why I am so upset about this,and I am upset because hate is wrong. I am upset because we have seen where this hate has lead to. I am upset because there is nothing but negativity coming from this. I am upset because I know people who are Jewish and they are not big noised pedophiles,and rapist,and murders who are greedy tv executives. i am upset the most because some of these anti semetic people are in my family. I am most upset however, because I expected more.


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