Please Do not forget about Nigeria,Iran,and Indonesia

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For the past two weeks,many on social media have been calling out the Russian government about the treatment of gay men in Chechnya which is a territory of Russia. There are reports of gay people being rounded up in concentration camps. People who have survived and fled are telling their stories of being beaten up and electrocuted. Some have even said that if they were to go back home they would immediately be killed by their families. I am happy this has brought world wide attention and condemnation. However,what bothers me about all this is that the same condemnation is not given to other countries who do the exact same thing. In Nigeria there is a kill the gays bill that for the most part has been put in place. Iran actually hangs people who are accused of being gay,and throw them off building where a huge crowd yells and applauds. As Indonesia becomes more religious the LGBT people have become scapegoats. They are being censored,and have had restrictions put on them that are not shared by their heterosexual counterparts. This is a big problem. If you are going to condemn Russia and Chechnya then please condemn Nigeria,Iran,Indonesia for all the abuses they have put on LGBT people who live in their country. When you blog about concentration camps please also blog about gay men who have to run in from an angry mob trying to tear them apart. Blog about lesbians women who have to flee their homeland because they do not want to marry a man. Blog about gay teens who are paraded naked in the street just for having sex with the person they love. Please! they also need us to!!!


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