In the Name of Free speech Let An Coulter Speak

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There has been a big debate over free speech again. Ironically it is at Berkley were the free speech movement was born. conservative speaker An Coulter was invited to give a speech at by the College Republicans. However, this caused a backlash and the school who wanted to avoid another disaster like when provocateur Milo Yiannapolous tried to speak at Berkley. That one caused riots in the streets. So the school were planning on moving Coulters speech to a different day when most students do not have classes for safety concerns. However, that angered conservative students who have said that they are constantly being treated unfairly because they are conservative. That every time they open their mouths everyone assumes they are racist,homophobic,sexist assholes. Now I have never seen that because I go to small community college in Florida,but I have seen videos were conservative groups have been interrupted by activist,and some have even been assaulted.The College Republicans are actually planning on suing Berkley,and this morning I heard that Ms Coulter has just canceled her speech all together. Now I am sorry but to all yu all saying hate speech is not protected under free speech,it very clearly is!!! That is the point of living in a democracy. Everyone has the right to be offended. However, if you are offended you have the right to say why you are offended. That is how it works. By trying to ban An Coulter the left is digging its own grave. The liberal college students have always been drawn as winey babies,and for the most part I kind of agree with that. They with their trigger warnings,and safe spaces,and little safe rooms it is damn ridiculous. In life you will here things that will offend you. I am a black gay young man. The shit that flies out An Coulters mouth is offensive,and quite frankly dumb. However, I realize that she has a right to speak,and I have the right to turn my channel and avoid hearing her bullshit. if you do not want to hear her speak then simply do not go. Or better yet go,and debate her about her ideas,and challenge her cause you have the right to do that. The right on College campuses has also backed themselves in to the corner. The right has been so tired of this bullshit,that they are now supporting dumb asses like Richard Spencer who is a white nationalist,and Milo who in my opinion is just an attention whore. They do not even bother having smart conservatives on anymore,they are forced to bring in dumbass provacteurs who do nothing for the conservative cause except make it look terrible. This has to stop because the Right and the lef thas moved so far apart it seems America is going to follow. It is time we college students get smart,and start hearing form smart people who do not agree with us.


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