What Watching the Last Episode of Feud taught me about Hollywood.

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Sunday was the finale of the very first season of fx new series Feud:Bette and Joan. I have sat and watched eight episodes of this fantastic series. It depicts two Hollywood icons who were made by the studio system,ultimatmatley tossed aside by it,and then rose up and regained their place in the studio system. The last episode revealed allot about Bette and Joan. It revealed that they both had regrets about how their feud went down. Bette even comes to give Joan a compliment,and proclaims Joan was not that bad after all. Joan even appears to be trying to make everything right,with her maid mamacita,and even has a heartwarming scene with her daughter. The shows ends at the 1978 Oscars where Joan is only given a two second memorial at the Oscars,as Bette,Olivia de Havilland,and Joan Blondell watch backstage as the world they helped create ultimately begins to leave them behind.I am a movie nerd. I especially love old movies,particular  the black and white movies. I think the movies of my grandparents years were much better than some of the movies I have available to me at the local AMC. I do love spider man,and all this super hero movies that are about to come out but the magic that those old black and white movies had it is not there anymore. I also realized that no one can stay at the top for ever. In the 1970s both Joan and Bette are looked at as Icons,but now they are being regulated to b movies,or trashy tv shows. There is a scene were Bette is puzzled that Katherine Hepburn can still get Oscar nominations even though she has never embraced the Hollywood community. That just goes to show you how time changes what audiences want to see. No body wanted to see the pretty glamorous woman dressed down in fur and diamonds being chased by the dashing well groomed man when the culture was drastically changing. The antiwar,and womens movement left a lasting impression on the film industry. Actresses like Jane Fonda,and Diane Keaton were replacing Bette Davis,and Joan Crawford. I also caught a glimpse why people in early Hollywood even got into the business. There is a scene were cancer stricken Joan Crawford is hallucinating,and thinks she is having a get together with Hedda Hopper,Jack Warner,and her old rival Bette Davis. Hedda and Jack who made both woman’s lives miserable open themselves up.Jack reveals that it was being taunted by wasps all his life for his Jewish background is what drive him to be the most ruthless man ever. Hedda reveals that it was the studio system and how it treated actresses that made her vow that she would never let that happen to her. Bette and Joan even say sorry,and their biggest regret is that they never became friends. That scene was so powerful because you have four big top dogs of early Hollywood admitting their mistakes,and the pain that drives them to want to be on top and stay on top. Those problems unfortunate still exist today.The entertainment industry is just as two faced as it was then. However, for all its worth these people really do still live in in the movies.the legends,the lies,and the truth. They still live on even after the Feud.


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