25 years Since Ellen, LGBT Story lines on TV still need to improve

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It has been 25 years since Ellen Degeneres came out on national tv. It was a groundbreaking episode,as this was the first time a character on TV came out and announced that they were gay. It was a big deal when she came out. She lost her show,she lost her fans,and she almost lost her mind. Ellen was going through it. However,like a trooper she bounced back. Since then she has hosted the Oscars two times,she has an amazing talk show,and she has won over the very hearts of the people who disowned her. When Ellen came out it really tested how accepting America was in the 90s. Since then there has been an increase in LGBT characters. As Ellen was coming off the air, Will and grace was coming on the air. MTV which for generation X was the birthplace of pop culture even started putting gay people on their popular show The Real World. The murder of Mathew Sheppard made everyone come to realize the dangers of homophobia. I am grateful to have grown up with LGBT content such as the many gay character son Glee. The two dads on Modern family. The sad life of Sophia on Orange is the New Black,and the complicated love life between Oliver and Conner on How to Get Away with Murder. These character shave helped me come to terms with my self as an African American gay male. However, I do think there could be some improvement with LGBT characters on TV. Most story lines with LGBT people concern only the coming out process. They do not focus on other aspects of gay life. The stereotypes of the gay bff,or the sissy,or the size queen. Some of these shows do not dwell into how some lesbians feel they are fetishisezed by some straight woman. Bisexuals are for the most part largely ignored by entertainment unless you include porn. The life of LGBT people fleeing ISIS,or LGBT immigrants is also largely ignored. Twenty five years later, Ellen bravely defied the golden rule all gay people in Hollywood know,you can be gay but only behind closed doors. This time we should shake up the tv landscape more. You can be gay,and being gay can be confusing,and you know what we are going to explore it. That should be the golden rule,that Ellen set for the rest of us


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