It Is Time for Fox News to Clean House

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Aww Fox News the safe heaven for conservatives whose mortal enemy is political correctness, it seems those pearly gates are about to be knocked down and PC culture and outrage are about to come on in. Ever since last year when Roger Ailes who founded the Fox News channel and built it to what it is today was ousted after a multitude of sexual harassment allegations and stories of intimidation there has been one issue after the next after the next. Last week the king of Fox News Bill O Reilly was let go after a decade of allegations,and a history of inappropriate comments. Then this week Jesse Watters seemed to be making a joke where he admired how Ivanka Trump was working that microphone,and made a gesture that many on social media felt alluded to oral sex. That and the stories of minorities being bullied at Fox News has furthered damaged the brands name. Now to be fair I do not believe all Fox News employees are racist sexiest assholes. I was a big fan of Megyn Kelly and I read her book,where she addresses her situation with Roger Ailes. I have also read Juan Diaz book where he is grateful for Fox News for giving him a second career. There have been plenty of gay republicans who say that Fox employs plenty of gay men even though most of them are quiet about it. That may be well and good,but there has been a bunch of  problems that Fox has been facing since the ouster of Ailes. I actually feel bad for the Murdochs especially Rupert Murdochs sons James and Lachlan. Both of his sons are very smart and have even been very vocal on environmental issues,and issues of minority coworkers,and the future of the brand. The best thing for Fox to do is to clean house. It is time to get rid of anchors who have had a history of controversy attached to them. There needs to be a bringing in of new talent to replace the trash that Fox has in it.  There needs to be less opinion shows,and more factual news rooms. There needs to be less pandering,and more reporting. That is how Fox will bounce back.


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