Let Whitney Rest In Peace

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There is a new documentary coming out about beloved icon Whitney Houston. In it it appears to finally address rumors that Whitney was bisexual and was in a relationship with her best friend Robyn. Now these rumors have followed Whitney all her career,and Bobby Brown even revealed that they were true and Robyn and Whitney were lovers. I do not know if it is true or not,however, I do think it is disrespectful. Robyn was a good friend to Whitney when Whitney first hit it big. She has not spoken about Whitney since Whitney died. She has not wrote a tell all book,or tried to capitalize off Whitney passing. She has moved on with her life and is happily in a relationship with her partner. The only person who should be telling this story is Whitney who cannot and Robyn. This issue is deeply personal,for there is a stigma for a woman like Whitney who was so talented,and very spiritual to admit she also loved woman as much as men. That would have ended not only her career but her relationships with certain people in the industry. However, Whitney has always been a friend to the gay community. She regularly performed at gay clubs,and had a huge gay following. Her and Robyns friendship caused allot of heads to shake especially in the conservative eighties. It got so much that Whitey and Robyn eventually fell out. The only person who knows for sure what happened between them is Robyn,and God. So until Robyn or god reveals what happened let us let that angel sleep in heaven pleez.


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