Jimmy Kimmel made me realize it is not always about Politics

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Earlier this week the usually funny man Jimmy Kimmel gave an emotional monologue about how when his son was born the doctors found that his son had a hole in his heart and they had to perform surgery on his infant son. Luckily his son turned out to be OK,however Mr Kimmel realized that he was one of the lucky ones. He could  afford to save his sons life because he had the money to do that. However, this made him realize how important doctors are to the public. This also made him realize that healthcare is so important and not everyone has it. Mr Kimmel made me realize that healthcare is no longer just a political issue. It is a human issue. Not every parent has health insurance. That is a cold hard fact. Health care should be a must. No parent should ever have to decide whether they should save their child’s life or worry about whether they can feed that child when they get home. health care has become such a divisive issue over these past eight years. The Republicans and the Democrats have hurled so much venom at each other that I think both side shave realized that these are real people who will be affected by whatever the outcome is. Already people are trying to make a political issue out of Jimmy’s speech,with the worst coming from Illinois congressman Joe Walsh. Let us please realize that health care is serious,and nothing to play around with.


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