The Hypocrisy and the Genius of Comedy

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I have been waiting to write this because I honestly did not know where to begin. By now you all have heard about Colberts epic Trump take down on his popular late night show. He ended it by implying that Trump was Putin cock holding bitch. Now it did not take long for the outrage police to start trying to give out tickets. However, I was surprised by who was offended. The right wing it appears was the most offended. The same people who rant about college campuses are the same ones who want to #fireColbert. The most ironic part of this story is they said that Colbert was being homophobic. I am sorry I almost peed my clothes because that is the most funniest thing I have ever heard. These people who like to defend homophobic churches,and support these religious freedom laws have the audacity to call out homophobia. They are just as bad as the the Ted Cruzs of the world who like to go off on gay persecution in the Muslim world but have no problem attending a church where a pastor wants gays killed. The hypocrisy is to much with these people. Colbert is not homophobic and he was making a joke. I find it funny Trump can say he wants to grab women by pussies and they all say that is his first amendment right to speak,but get mad at Colbert. Now to be fair the left is full of the same bullshit as the right. Double standards exist on both sides. However, the point i am trying to make is comedy is suppose to be offensive, it is suppose to be scandalous. It makes you think. Thank you Stephen Colbert.


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