Mom Shaming: It is still there just a little different

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Mom shaming is nothing new. The debate between the working mom and the career mom is still going on,and it probably will never end. However, mom shaming has changed drastically since there are really different types of families nowadays. The mother who has six kids is called selfish and an idiot for having to many kids even though she can afford all of them and spends equal time with each one of them. The mother who has one kid is also called selfish. She is apparently selfish for not providing another sibling to her kid,and that she will contribute to her child being a suicidal, weirdo when they grow up. Then it gets more complicated and even worse. The mom who adopts kids is not considered a true parent because they are not biologically hers. If she adopts outside of her race then she is fetishistic ethnic kids, or she is a betrayer for adopting outside of her ow kind. The lesbian moms and the woman who adopt by themselves are constantly harassed. They both are told how damaging they are to kids. Every time they post something about their families they are criticized and called stupid cunts, or idiotic leftist trash,and the worst monsters. The Lesbian moms especially have to fight allot harder because sometimes when an adoption agency looks at them they are rejected without ever opening their mouths. They are automatically deemed bad parents even when they do not have a chance to state their case.  The woman who d IVF also have to fight harder. Not only are they unsure if their bodies can go through with it,but they like the women who adopt are also deemed not true parents. If there is a surrogate involved then the situation gets worse. I cannot tell you how many post I have seen where a celebrity has had a baby through surrogacy and in the comments of applause there is the occasional you are not the real mother,and I bet you did not get pregnancy yourself because you aint want to gain weight.  The newest form of mom shaming is when a woman says they do not want to be a mom immediately the attacks come. She to is branded selfish for not contributing to the species, as if she belongs to the world. She is also called a monster for not wanting kids, like just cause she personally does not want kids she must also hate kids. She is constantly asked why she does not want kids,and every time she explains she is not being listened to and instead ridiculed. The most painful one I think is when people call this woman not a real woman. All of these examples really make me sick. These women did not ask for your opinions. They are doing the best that they can. Mothers Day is tomorrow and this type of behavior needs to end. It is time we leave people alone and stop being so damn judgmental.


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