No, It was not Sexism

Image result for anderson cooper eye roll

Last week everyone’s second favorite liar(after Phaedra Parks), Kellyanne Conway stopped by Anderson Coopers show to discuss all the drama going around with the Trump administration. As usual Mrs Conway was trying to spin everything Trump and his team does in a way to not make whatever they are being accused of doing look illegal and bad. This caused Anderson an accomplished journalist to roll his eyes at her. This caused Kellyanne to go on her home terf at Fox News to say she was a victim of sexism. I am sorry but when I read that I almost died from the hypocrisy. She thinks someone rolling there eyes at her is sexism but when Trump talks about grabbing woman she was ready to defend his ass. The hypocrisy is to much,y”all. Anderson was not rolling his eyes at Kellyanne because she is a woman. He rolled his eyes at her cause she was saying some dumb ass shit. That is not sexism, it may be unprofessional but it is not sexist.Sexism is stereotyping,and discrimination based on sex. Kellyanne being a woman had nothing to do with Anderson rolling his eyes. The fact that this is being used as an example of sexism bothers me cause there are actual instances of sexism that need to be taken seriously and no one does. Like do better Kellyanne Conway.


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