Let These Boys Wear Whatever they Want Please!!!

Image result for jaden smith

Lil Uzi, Jaden Smith,and Lil Yacty there is something they all have in common. Yes they are all rappers but they also like to gender bend when it comes to clothes. It really started with Jaden Smith wearing dresses in 2016 as part of the Louis Viuitton campaign.It drew allot of backlash and praise,but mostly backlash. The same can be said for Lil Yachty and his colorful braids or lil Uzi who likes to wear blouses and purses. Now they have all been accused of doing this for attention , which they might be doing,however I feel like it is genuine. These young men do not fit in with what traditionally hip hop is or represents. They do not have a thug persona,and for the most part they are not super masculine. They regularity smile,dance,and are extremely weird and for me that is a breath of fresh air. I was not even conceived when Prince,and Michael Jackson were at the height of their careers. They too caused a scene with their feminine clothing especially Prince. I think I care about this issue because I am not very masculine. I to have been criticized for not being the traditional black man. i smile, I dance,I am weird, I do not like sports, I love pop music,and I have no swagger. I am an eccentric black nerd and I love it. I admit I get excited when I see Jaden rocking that dress on the red carpet [even though sometimes I wish he had a stylist],and I get hella defensive when someone tries to bash him or anyone else who likes to gender bend clothes. If you do not like what the person is wearing then do not look at it. I think I am to easily offended with this topic because like I said I am not masculine,and I know what it is like to be thrown insults at when you do not fit the criteria of what is acceptable. That is why I hope Jaden and these other boys are not doing this strictly for attention,that would break my heart. I hope they are truly being themselves,and ignoring the haters and hopefully they will hire a stylist.


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