The Problem with Privilege

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Everyday it seems we hear about privilege. There is straight privilege,christian privilege,male privilege,and of course white privilege. Now to be fair mostly white christian men have had allot of privilege in The history of the United States. There is absolute nothing wrong with stating that fact. The problem is it has become weaponized,and it is being used to bully,and stifle debate. I am alittle tired of being told because I am a black gay man I am on the bottom of the food chain. That I need special help to get to the top. That everyone has to pity me. For the record I am just speaking for myself not other black or gay people. My problem with being told this is I am expected to just go along with this and not ask questions or even point out some flaws in some peoples arguments. Everytime I have done this I have been called a house nigga,or an uncle Tom.Not all people of color or gay people think alike,and to go forward with an idea it has to be  scrutinized if it has any hope of lasting. I also do not like how some white people are afraid to talk to me,because they feel they might say something racist. I have actually had to calm some of my white peers down when they asked me where I was from,because they thought by asking me that were implying i was not from this country. It has become quite annoying to be frankly honest. I also do not like how people forget that everyone is privileged over another person in our society. Yes i am black and gay but I am in college, I have a job, and I am not homeless or missing any limbs. I cannot say that for the old army vet who sleeps on the park bench around the corner from my house. I feel we are so caught up in privilege we ultimately have forgotten how to treat one another. I really do not believe all white people are racist,or that if someone does not look someone in the eye that means they are racist. I feel like stuff like that is silly and it cheapens the word racist,or sexiest,or homophobic. Yes all of those things exist but can we please stop trying to pull examples out of thin air. The bottom line is privilege does exist,and we can talk about it,however we need to do it in a way that is respectful of all opinions,that is not being used to shame people,and does not trivialize things. In other words we need ot have a grown up discussion.


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