What Bow Wow Taught Me about Fame and Celebrity

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I have been waiting to write this in my blog because I really did not think it was worth blogging about at first. However, after reading Youtube comments I realized it is worth blogging about. A few weeks ago rapper and actor Bow Wow was caught lying about how he was on a private plane but really he was flying on a regular plane. This started the #bowowowchallenge where people were posting images which mad eit look like they were living an extravagant life but really they were not. Bow Wow who it seems is the king of taking Ls was of course insulted and he made many videos saying he was being setup which led to him getting mocked even more. An interview has appeared where Bow Wow seems to be saying that Trey Songz,Chris Brown,Ciara,and Omarion were all put on by him. Needless to say most of twitter including Chris Brown called that claim bs. Now after LMAO about the whole situation I will say this Bow Wow did have a point. I remember when I fist heard of Chris Brown,or Trey Songz and that was when they both were on tour with Bow Wow. See Bow has not figured out that most people have selective memories. I remember when I was younger no one was bigger than bow Wow. I had his albums and all the vhs of his movies which for the most part were hits. However, like all teen idols times change and if you do not change then you are out. That is what has happened to Bow Wow,and he is so desperate to still uphold that image he maintained for himself he is making him self look foolish and like a little boy. This actually taught me allot about celebrity and fame.Fame is really fleeting,and does not last long. It is a drug and for people who fame has deserted they look crazy trying to reclaim that fame. The best thing Bow Wow can do is grow up and try getting behind the scenes or continue trying to get cast in some of these new shows  that are being made. However, I also realized that people have really short memories when it comes to celebrities and that may be the deadliest mistake of them all


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