What joining Reddit has taught Me

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I have recently joined the website Reddit which is a place where you can have conversations with anybody about whatever topic you want. That topic could be sex,drugs,politics,world news anything. I joined because I wanted to have conversations about controversial topics that people around either are to ignorant about,or are to scared to say out loud. Since joining I have learned allot of things about myself from joining Reddit. I learned if I have an opinion I better be prepared to back it up. I also have learned that everyone has opinions and sometimes it truly is best to just agree to disagree. That there are people in this world who are just like me,with the same problems,and interest,and humor as me. That it can be alittle scary talking to people you do not know on the internet,but for the most part the people I talked to are actually nice,well informed people. I have also learned I am not right on every issue which is the hardest lesson for me that I have learned because I hate when people point out I was wrong about something. I learned spelling does count. The most unfortunate thing I have learned is there are trolls everywhere you go and it really is best to ignore them. By far the most important thing Reddit showed me was that in 2017 it truly is possible to sit and have a grown up conversation without resorting to name calling and threats. That is something the comment section on Youtube and Facebook need to pick up. Reddit really has helped me in my goal and I recommend people join it if they truly want to start a conversation


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