The Trolls

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So I just encountered my first internet troll. It was a badge of honor and slightly disappointing. It was a badge of honor for me because I handled myself well. This person did not upset me in anyway however because I am smart enough to separate a loser posting negative comments and someone with legitimate criticism. I was sad though because for the first time I understand how some of these celebrities and well known you tubers feel when they say that people love trolling them. It is honestly not a pleasant feeling. I was shocked at the words this person was using to try and hurt me,and I did not even know this person. I see this as part of a bigger problem. The world is so overwhelmingly negative right now, that we are becoming a much ruder society. We have always loved to tear people down but now we love to tear them down and shred them to pieces and eat them. The trolls in my life were always face to face and I am grateful for that. It gave me good practice about what to do with the internet trolls I know I will meet the higher I go in my life. These trolls really love causing drama,and being as mean as possible. However, I cannot stand the people who egg the trolls on. They are the ones who I despise the most. They are ok with someone trolling until it happens to them,and grantee it will happen to them.  I am not gone give excuses for trolling but I will say that if we would become nicer to each other and actually talk to one another I bet you trolling would be as down as Trump approval ratings.


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