Deconstructing Beyonce

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Like many young gay boys I have a female singer who I really idolize,and that singer for me is the amazing Beyonce. Straight out of Houston Texas with her girl group Destinys Child Beyonce has changed the game. I love me some Queen B. I think she is so talented, I love her work ethic,and her songs really have always spoke to me. I liked how she is always about her business,and a damn good performer. However, in the past few years I will admit I have changed some of my views about her over the years. Ever since elevator gate I have changed how I use to see Bey. I now see a talented woman who is just like everyone else. She has family problems, marriage problems,and overall she is still trying to remain at the top. She constantly has had to deal with rumors saying she is a sellout,she is not black enough,her body parts are fake,she used a surrogate,and the most disturbing one she is a devil worshiper and is apart of the Illuminati. I have also been slight annoyed with how some of her fans attack anyone who even by accident may offend Beyonce. The Beehive scares me and I am a Beyonce fan,hell they may even scare Beyonce. I love Beyonce,but if someone else does not like Beyonce I do not think they should be attacked if the reason they do not like her is fair and balanced. It is also slightly annoying when other artist put themselves below Beyonce like Adele dedicating her whole speech for album of the year to Beyonce,but not saying nothing about her fans. I fear that all the media attention Beyonce gets she is of danger of becoming over exposed. So yes my thought on this talented woman have changed drastically over the years. I still think she s one of the best singers to ever hit the stage,but I also realize she has her haters,her detractor,her crazy supporters,and even she has made some terrible mistakes over the years. Basically I realized that she is just like us,who only want to be successful in life and realize that success comes with allot of baggage.


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