I am not Anti-Social, I just feel like Being by Myself

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I have picked these three quotes as a way to really simplify the wonderful worded rant that you are about to read her on this blog. I really do struggle with wanting to be around people,and really wanting my own space. I get extremely angry,and dare I say feel shameful when people suggest I am anti-social,or that I must be a soon to be serial killer who is going to shoot up a school. Ok,maybe that last one went a little to far but it is how I sometimes feel. Like the fabulous Audrey Hepburn said I don’t want to be alone,I want to be left alone. Sometimes I like being alone so I can gather my thoughts,so I can think about my next move, so I can reflect on my day. I like being alone because I really learn about myself. People who constantly have to have somebody around them really irritate and annoy me,especially if they are clingy. I enjoy being around a group of people, I really do but once in awhile I need my me time. I hate that we always have to think the kid by themselves is anti-social unfriendly,and worse a killer. That is not always the case. Sometimes they could be in a situation that is uncomfortable,or like most of my childhood around people they just do not like. I am writing this rant because I am tired of people saying I am anti-social. I have thin skin sure,and I am a drama queen you bet your ass I am but anti-social no. I am also writing for my own sake. I use to believe that I was anti-social because I liked staying at home on Saturdays but then I realized I liked staying at home because i could catch up on my shows,and my books I was desperate to read. I would rather not go to that family members event because they are constantly surrounded by negative people. I do not want to go to that party,because everyone there is cheap and nasty. i do not want to be alone, I want to be left alone. Well said Audrey


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