The Lessons I have Learned Since High School

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Today is the day that I graduated from Paxon School for Advanced Studies two years ago. I can still remember how I was feeling that die. I was sad cause my uncle had died two days before. I was happy because all my hard work for the past four years had paid off. I was a little mad because I realized the group of people i met I probably would not see them anymore, and I was scared because I did not know if I could handle the real world. Turns out I cannot handle the real world,but I can at least learn to deal with it. I have grown so much since walking across that stage in my blue and gold cap and gown. I realized that I had allot of growing up to do for an eighteen. Since then I have been a student at Florida State College at Jacksonville for the past two years. I am currently looking at universities to transfer and I plan on majoring in English and minoring in communications. I plan on being a journalist and also an author. Two years ago i was completely lost about what i wanted to do,and constantly changing my mind. I know see the path ahead and I am going to walk it. I have also changed my view on certain things. I realize that issues involving race,sexual orientation,gender,poverty,terrorism,and religion are not new but they have gotten slightly worse over more politicized than ever. I have realized that not everyone thinks the same and that is OK,and if I am bothered what someone says I can either ignore them or confront them. That is how you get shit down. I have stepped back from social media because i now see all the damage it has done to my generation,and really to older generations. i have made it a point to hang out with people who do not see the same thing as me. I have started thinking for myself,and I realize I cannot take every bodies word like i use to. i state my opinions more freely and I always back them up now. My thoughts on certain pop culture figures have also changed my feelings about celebrity. I am no longer interested in who is dating who and who is getting married like I use to be. I still love the red carpet fashions but now I care more about the artwork that is presented to me. I realize that people you care about will greatly disappointment,and in turn you will disappoint them. I am not perfect,and i do make mistakes,but that does not mean I cannot bounce back or I am the most terrible person in the world. I am more concerned with issues like Global Warming,human trafficking,animals going extinct,and how human beings treat each other. I have grown allot since High school,and the most important thing I realized is I have even more growing to do but I am on to a great start.


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