Kathy Griffin,Bill Maher, Political Correctness,and the State of Comedy

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By now you all have seen the image that Kathy Griffin used on her twitter to express her feelings about Trump. You also have probably saw Bill Maher tasteless and dumb joke where he used the n word. I know everyone in the universe saw all the backlash against both of these people,and the debate it is starting on line. I could go on a rant about decency,and throw jabs at Trump but I will not. I am going to focus on comedy  which I think is the real victim in this situation. Now I want to say I am a big fan of both Kathy and Bill. However, they both have stepped in dog shit. For Kathy I was very disappointed in her,and I thought she was above attention whoring. I know it was attention whoring because she has always modeled herself after Joan Rivers her idol. Joan would have never apologized if she had done this never. If you truly believe in something and you put your name to it then stand in it. If Kathy believed that about Trump then she should not have apologized and gave everyone the middle finger like Stephen Colbert did when he called Trump Putins bitch. Colberts viewers rose significantly when he said that and he did not apologize for it. That press conference she did yesterday also was not in her best interest as her ramblings made no since,and even Lisa bloom who is a celebrated defense lawyer even ha problems controlling her. That said some of the hate that Kathy is getting I feel is a little excessive,unnecessary,and just plain mean. She did apologize like an adult is suppose to do now let us move on along and focus on more important things. I understand why CNN fired her and why Anderson Cooper twitted he was disappointed in her. Kathy Griffin is not over and she can still bounce back probably in five years but nevertheless sit is possible to comeback from a scandal ask Mel Gibson and Jane Fonda. Now on To Bill who I secretly think has lost his mind. I use to think Bill was the perfect blend of edgy,smart,and funny all rolled into one big atheist. However, after seeing yesterdays episode I realized Bill may be having a breakdown or just tired. For the record him saying the n word was probably the most stupidest move a comedy could have made. Racial ephipets,homophobic slurs,and sexiest rape jokes are no longer funny anymore. I realized Bill has traded in An Coulter territory where he will say anything for shock value. However,he has to realize this is not 1993 anymore. People do not know how to read in context anymore. For the record I do not think Bill is a racist,however I think he ventured out of his lane. He joins people like Guiliana Rancic,Tracey Morgan,and countless others who I believe are decent people and they ventured out of their lane with one bad joke and their careers ended. On the flip side of that comedy has taken a hit over the years with how sensitive everyone has become. Jerry Seinfeld,Chris Rock,and countless other comedians are tired of the political correctness that stops comedians from being comedians. Comedy is suppose to be offensive,it is suppose to get you thinking,it is suppose to make you laugh when you should not laugh. I love comedians cause they take my mind away from the bullshit stuff of this world. It is time to lighten up sometimes my goodness. All this has lead to the lines being blurred between an offensive but funny and smart joke like Stephen Colbert and a tasteless,attention whoring stunts like what Kathy and bill did. Do better guys.


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