Gay Pride Month: Things I have Learned

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So I have taken a break from the blog so i can refocus my thoughts,and figure out what I want to do with my life. I recently joined Reddit and I found a community of gay men some close to my age,some older. The topics that are talked about include sex,marriage,monogamy,religion,sports,celebs,and of course who do we think is gay. Haha,that is a gay man for you. However, I must say I was alil shocked about how diverse people in the community really are. I also learned how my views have changed and evolved  gradually over the years. I learned that not every black gay person including this black gay person feels like they are the most oppressed person in the world,and are tired of being perceived that way. I learned that you can be a christian or a Muslim and also be a proud gay man. I learned that there is still a big problem with masculinity,and feminity in the community that needs to be addressed. That dating preferences can be harmless and harmful at the same time. That gay people really do exist in all aspects of life. That young gay people still are struggling,but also have gotten careless. That older gay men sometimes feel jealous,or left out,and resentful about the future. That everyone has an opinion,and trolls will always be around. but most importantly I learned gay people really are people,and i am so proud to be apart of this flawed,jealous,lovable,sweet,and downright amazing community. Happy PRIDE MONTH YOU GUYS,and hopefully next year we can fix all these problems and make the community even more amazing.


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