The problem of Celeb Culture,and Social Media

Image result for taylor swift

I have said it before and I will say it again social media,really has become the death of us. People no longer can hold a conversation anymore about well anything without getting trolled,attacked,or threatened to be fired. It gets even worse when celebrities are involved. It seems everyday I see post on twitter or Youtube slamming people like Taylor Swift for absolutely nothing at all.She made a video of her joking around with her friend Russel Westbrook an NBA superstar that she taught him how to play basketball,and twitter just lost their minds. She was called everything from a racist bitch,to a demonic snake all for a joke. It is ok to not like Taylor but why overeact to something that was clearly a joke when there are actual real problems going on. The same can be said for Bruno Mars who killed it at the Bet Awards Sunday but some people accused him of cultural appropriation because he performs funk music. That is bullshit because Bruno always acknowledges people who came before him and gives credit where credit is due. It seems everyday there is this culture on social media to get somebody for the most dumbest things. It only leads to everyone falling on their faces running around apologizing to everyone for basically nothing,it reduces real world problems to the point no one will take it seriously,and it also it will lead to a big backlash. I focused on celebrities because I feel celeb culture has gotten way out of hand. People really love to hold people up and immediately tear them down. We see with Katy Perry one minute everyone is on her side about the Katy-Taylor drama and then the next she is a canceled bitch because she performed bad on snl. The fakeness of social media is really to much. I a really concerned about this because all this meanness online really is spilling in the real world. We as a society have become more rude,more vicious,ready to attack anyone who thinks differently from them,and looks differently to. The election of 2016 is partly to blame,however this sentiment has been brewing for a very long time and in my opinion it all started with those big lights on that hill HOLLYWOOD


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