Can We Please Stop being so Damn Sensitive?

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I swear it seems like everyday I wake up and I see some celebrity is trending over a dumb controversy. It was Katy Perry one day when she made a joke comparing her cutting her long black hair to Obamas end of his presidency, it was the show 13 reasons why being slammed for being to triggering,and glorifying suicide,it was Kim Kardashian being called racist cause a darkened photo of hers appeared to be blackface, it was Emma Watson where she was accused of being a hypocrite for seemingly to criticize Beyonce,and now it is Andrew Garfield. Andre Garfield gave an interview where he said he feels like a gay man except for the physical act because he likes to watch Rupauls drag race. He is also playing on Broadway in Angels in America which is a play about the terrible Aids epidemic affect on the gay community. He also has been an amazing lgbt ally. Well when he said that you would have thought he said kill them faggots.  Many people were either accusing him of being a homophobe,or of reducing gay people to stereotypes. I have ultimately had it with this internet culture where people look for stuff to get offended by,and then go on a witch hunt nd try and shame people for making a simple joke,or posting a picture,or a song lyric. LIKE PEOPLE PLEASE SOP IT!!!! All it does is give our enemies more fuel to add to there hateful fire. It also takes away issues that are way more important in this world. I find it funny all these people are mad at a damn joke but if you click on a story about gay teens getting their asses kicked in Malaysia all of a sudden it is crickets. What bothers me the most is when celebs or anyone in general apologizes to these people. Like do they not understand it only gives them more power to go out and be little assholes to everyone. It also shows we as a society have lost how to take a joke,how to laugh at ourselves,how to sometimes roll our eyes and just keep it moving. Not everything deserves a response people. So please stop being so damn offended by everything


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