What Tupacs Letter To Madonna reveals About Image

Image result for madonna tupac

A few days ago, a letter that rap icon Tupac wrote to the Queen of Pop Madonna was revealed. In it tupac appears to be breaking up with madona because she is white. He explains his fans would be devastated if they knew Tupac was sleeping with Madonna and it could hurt his image as a black revolutionary,someone who did not take shit from no body especially if they was white. He also apologizes to Madonna for hurting her and he says that she is a good person and wishes her all the best luck in the world. While reading the letter myself I realized how bad having an image is. An Image is just that an image. Yes,it represents the how a person is but what many fail to realize is a person can change and grow but an image is here to stay. That image can destroy,or prevent a person from growing,meeting new people, and ultimately just being themselves. Because of Tupacs image he might have hurt a dear friend of his all over what some people might think. Unfortunate having an image is still around and even worse than ever. People get so caught up in an image they forget who they was before the spotlight and the glamour. They forget that one cannot stay in the same place to get to the mountain top, and they forgot that in order to grow you have to piss some people off. That is the image I want to see, cause that is the image of a human being


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