Being an Adult Sucks

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I know it is cliche to say but being an adult sucks. It really fucking does man. In the past year I have had to make some very hard decisions. Where do i want to go to continue my education? Can I afford to live on my own away from my mother? Can I allow my father to be close to me? Is it ok that I do not want a relationship with him? What career path do i want to go on? Is it bad I like being alone and in the house? I do not know what my relationship with God is anymore? Is it bad I sometimes think I am stupid? Why is everyone else around me just as stupid? Does it ever get easier? I already know the logical answer to that last question,but I should ask can I make it easier? I hope so,because this sucks man. I guess I really am an entitled millennial brat like the rest of my generation, hahaha. On a serious note I really hate being an adult, and I am willing to admit that. Life really does come with some hard questions,with barely there answers. I sometimes feel like I am walking in this jungle alone,cause I see my old classmates walking no gliding through life it seems. I say I am not gone compare myself to them but who are we kidding I do,cause we all do? I am human after all and I will make a mistake,which is something I have never been able to come to grips with. I hate messing up and hearing another person tell me I was wrong,but that is life. I am thinking writing my thoughts here on this blog is a mistake but I am doing it,because I had to get these thoughts down somewhere. Those questions that i asked I do not have the answers to them at the moment. I may never have the answers to them. Writing all this right here may be a mistake,and it could come back in bite me in the ass. BUT THIS IS LIFE,and like Prince said we are all trying to get through it,and in life nothing is ever easy. Especially being a motherfucking Adult


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