The Gay Agenda

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An agenda, that word has become murkier over the years I feel. When I hear the word agends it is always follwed after the word gay. Yep the gay agenda. It is a word that right wing politicians,homophobic christians or muslims, radical organizations,and even some gay people themselves use to describe growing acceptance of gay people and gay rights. most of these people claim gay people are out to get kids,or gay people are trying to silence peoples opinions,or gay people only label people homophobic if they disagree with them. Now for the last argument sometimes that is true because the word homophobic has been thrown around so much latley it is ridiculous,but gay people are not the only ones who do that. Racist,and sexiest gets thrown around do because everyone is so damn sensitive to everything now.However,for me when I hear people talk about the gay agenda that bothers me the most is when people label gay things being part of the gay agenda. Like if a gay singer sings about being gay its the gay agenda, or if there is a gay movie with gay characters and  agay subplot its the gay agenda. My favorite is when on Youtube there is a video with the title saying I like to suck gay dick and people will go to the comment section saying how nasty and evil the gay agenda is. WHEN THEY CLICKED ON THE VIDEO!!!!!! People have to realize everything is not meant for everyone Gay people do not look for validation they are looking for respect,and the right to be left aloe. That is not a gay agenda. That is just being a damn good person


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