Stop Defending This Shit

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Last week was a bad week for black male entertainers. Usher was exposed as giving his mistress herpes while he was married. Kevin Hart was exposed for cheating on his new pregnant wife,but what story that is even worse than those two were the R Kelly story. Earlier this week their were reports of R Kelly having a sex cult in his mansions where girls who are 19 and up were being taught to please him sexually,and they basically are alienated from their families,and have to live by strict rules that Kelly himself has made up. Now since then allot of fuckery has come out of this story to one of the victims giving a very awkward interview to TMZ, to her sister making a diss record about R Kelly,to the father saying he gone basically run up into the mansion like Rambo. Aside from that there are two things I have a problem with this whole story. One is the naive and selfish parents literally pimping and tricking out their daughters. We have all known this mans history with young women. From marrying a 15 yr old Aaliyah to peeing on a 14 yr old child, this man has had disturbing allegations following him for along time. So I am confused as to why any parent would send their daughters to go on tour with this man,or allow them to stay in the house with this man and not think nothing sexual was going to happen. You are a parent you have to use common sense,and be on the lookout for your child. Another thing that bothers me about this whole situation is how dismissive certain fans of R kelly are about this. I am tired of seeing post saying why is no one upset about Hugh Hefner,or it is only the white man trying to persecute a rich black man. Like are you all for real. The difference between Hugh Hefner and R Kelly is Hugh Hefner aint on camera peeing in a childs mouth,and the playboy playmates are all legal,and get paid to be bunnies. It may be nasty that an 80 yr old man fucks 23 yr olds put it is legal. As far as the white man conspiring against R Kelly I call bullshit on that to. If that was true R Kelly would have went to prison for 50 yrs instead of being acquitted. People literally sit up here and act like R Kelly is a damn civil rights leader who marched in Selma Al,and got his head beaten in, NOOOOO. He is a damn singer who makes amazing music. That is it,i have never seen him to anything for the black community other than get black people to shake they asses at a cookout. The hypocrisy in all of this is to much. Yes, these girls are 19 and are of age but are we to ignore he meet some of them when they were 16. That he has a history of messing around and sleeping with underage girls. that most of his victims are left depressed,and called things like a fast ass hoe while he is looked at as a god or something. Yes this man is talented,and yes this man is an icon,but do not sit in my face and pretend like this man has not done some serious and disgusting shit. He is a perverted pedophile. It is time we in the black community start calling this shit out,instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending shit alright when it is not. I have stopped listening to this mans music,and I have given people who have worked with him the side eye to. I hope you all will do the same.


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