It is time we had a Talk Everyone

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Last Friday one of my favorite radio shows the Breakfast Club got into some hot water,when comedian Lil Duval jokingly said he would kill a transwoman if the transwoman did not tell him she was transgendered. The interview got even more cringe worthy when Lil Duval was calling transgender author Janet mock who had been on the Breakfast Club the day before a man,and some other controversial comments. Soon after #Boycottthe BreakfastClub was spreading like wildfire all over the internet,and popular shock jock Charlemagne  was condemned for laughing at the jokes and even had two trans activist disrupt his speech. Lil Duval however, has refused to apologize for his comments. now this situation has annoyed me for various reasons. First I am going to talk about the transgender community. Now I am apart of the LGBT community and I do understand what being trans means,however how some trans people handled this situation was not very good. Those two trans activist who disrupted Charlamagnes speech made themselves and that community look like fools,especially since Char has been an ally for along time. I am also annoyed with some of these trans authors trying to paint the picture of no body at the Breakfast club standing up for trans rights when that was an outright lie. Angela Yee ,Char,and Dj Envy both condemned Lil Duval and tried to explain transgenders especially Angela Yee who has been rocking with the lGBT since the beginning. By doing that they are alienating millions of allies,or good people who want to understand. I also have to say that a trans person has the responsibility to tell other people they are trans before going on a date,or even having sex with that person. That is a big myth that trans people are trying to trick men and that is not always the case. I understand it is scary,and also lonely but you ave to always be honest. I see so many trans “advocates” in the media who brag about tricking men and I cringe every time because it only hurts that community more.the other part about that interview that annoyed me was the fact that Lil duvals jokes simply were not funny to me and really offensive. A comedian should not be politically correct but they always have to be funny. I also did not like when I was reading the comment section under Janet mocks interview on Youtube and seeing some vile disturbing comments. These people did not even bother watching the interview which was an amazing interview,and instead they resorted to calling someone out their name,wishing death on them,and blaming white people for black LGBT people. I can see why some transwoman do not reveal they are transgender. How can a transgender person tell their story if people automatically are going to throw names,and wish violence on them? Look being trans is not a new thing, it is seen in many different cultures,and around the world. Not all transgenderes are like Caitlyn Jenner , or the ones who be exposing male celebrities. There are some who live decent lives,and the spotlight should be put on them cause they the ones that deserve it. I also wish people would listen to those stories instead of talking about a gay agenda. There is a difference between an agenda and a representation. I cannot control what others do,but I can control myself. I wrote my opinion down on this page,and I hope everyone follows it.


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