The Ins and Outs of Exposing

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Exposed,that word will be the word of 2017. Everyone getting exposed these days. From R Kelly sex cult,to Usher Herpes shocker,to Kevin Harts alleged cheating exposing has become apart of our culture. It is part of the industry I hope to one day be apart of,which is being an entertainment journalist. However, as i sit back and reflect I sometimes feel bad that it has gotten this bad. People are exposing each other left and right on social media. From cheating,being on the DL,being  addicted to drugs I mean everything. Some exposing is good,like if you are an asshole and you need to be taken down I welcome that exposing. However, I feel like things have gone to far. Nowadays anyone can create a fake story to “expose”someone. It is mind blowing really how people believe everything now if someone post something to instagram. It has actually mad eme kind of scared really,because in life we do make mistakes,and we should all learn from them mistakes.However, if everyone sees your mistakes and offers you nothing but negativity and some memes then how do you learn from your mistakes. I have said it before and you know I will say it again social media has pros and cons but right know it has many more cons


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