Stop Defending This Shit

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Last week was a bad week for black male entertainers. Usher was exposed as giving his mistress herpes while he was married. Kevin Hart was exposed for cheating on his new pregnant wife,but what story that is even worse than those two were the R Kelly story. Earlier this week their were reports of R Kelly having a sex cult in his mansions where girls who are 19 and up were being taught to please him sexually,and they basically are alienated from their families,and have to live by strict rules that Kelly himself has made up. Now since then allot of fuckery has come out of this story to one of the victims giving a very awkward interview to TMZ, to her sister making a diss record about R Kelly,to the father saying he gone basically run up into the mansion like Rambo. Aside from that there are two things I have a problem with this whole story. One is the naive and selfish parents literally pimping and tricking out their daughters. We have all known this mans history with young women. From marrying a 15 yr old Aaliyah to peeing on a 14 yr old child, this man has had disturbing allegations following him for along time. So I am confused as to why any parent would send their daughters to go on tour with this man,or allow them to stay in the house with this man and not think nothing sexual was going to happen. You are a parent you have to use common sense,and be on the lookout for your child. Another thing that bothers me about this whole situation is how dismissive certain fans of R kelly are about this. I am tired of seeing post saying why is no one upset about Hugh Hefner,or it is only the white man trying to persecute a rich black man. Like are you all for real. The difference between Hugh Hefner and R Kelly is Hugh Hefner aint on camera peeing in a childs mouth,and the playboy playmates are all legal,and get paid to be bunnies. It may be nasty that an 80 yr old man fucks 23 yr olds put it is legal. As far as the white man conspiring against R Kelly I call bullshit on that to. If that was true R Kelly would have went to prison for 50 yrs instead of being acquitted. People literally sit up here and act like R Kelly is a damn civil rights leader who marched in Selma Al,and got his head beaten in, NOOOOO. He is a damn singer who makes amazing music. That is it,i have never seen him to anything for the black community other than get black people to shake they asses at a cookout. The hypocrisy in all of this is to much. Yes, these girls are 19 and are of age but are we to ignore he meet some of them when they were 16. That he has a history of messing around and sleeping with underage girls. that most of his victims are left depressed,and called things like a fast ass hoe while he is looked at as a god or something. Yes this man is talented,and yes this man is an icon,but do not sit in my face and pretend like this man has not done some serious and disgusting shit. He is a perverted pedophile. It is time we in the black community start calling this shit out,instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending shit alright when it is not. I have stopped listening to this mans music,and I have given people who have worked with him the side eye to. I hope you all will do the same.

The Gay Agenda

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An agenda, that word has become murkier over the years I feel. When I hear the word agends it is always follwed after the word gay. Yep the gay agenda. It is a word that right wing politicians,homophobic christians or muslims, radical organizations,and even some gay people themselves use to describe growing acceptance of gay people and gay rights. most of these people claim gay people are out to get kids,or gay people are trying to silence peoples opinions,or gay people only label people homophobic if they disagree with them. Now for the last argument sometimes that is true because the word homophobic has been thrown around so much latley it is ridiculous,but gay people are not the only ones who do that. Racist,and sexiest gets thrown around do because everyone is so damn sensitive to everything now.However,for me when I hear people talk about the gay agenda that bothers me the most is when people label gay things being part of the gay agenda. Like if a gay singer sings about being gay its the gay agenda, or if there is a gay movie with gay characters and  agay subplot its the gay agenda. My favorite is when on Youtube there is a video with the title saying I like to suck gay dick and people will go to the comment section saying how nasty and evil the gay agenda is. WHEN THEY CLICKED ON THE VIDEO!!!!!! People have to realize everything is not meant for everyone Gay people do not look for validation they are looking for respect,and the right to be left aloe. That is not a gay agenda. That is just being a damn good person

Being an Adult Sucks

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I know it is cliche to say but being an adult sucks. It really fucking does man. In the past year I have had to make some very hard decisions. Where do i want to go to continue my education? Can I afford to live on my own away from my mother? Can I allow my father to be close to me? Is it ok that I do not want a relationship with him? What career path do i want to go on? Is it bad I like being alone and in the house? I do not know what my relationship with God is anymore? Is it bad I sometimes think I am stupid? Why is everyone else around me just as stupid? Does it ever get easier? I already know the logical answer to that last question,but I should ask can I make it easier? I hope so,because this sucks man. I guess I really am an entitled millennial brat like the rest of my generation, hahaha. On a serious note I really hate being an adult, and I am willing to admit that. Life really does come with some hard questions,with barely there answers. I sometimes feel like I am walking in this jungle alone,cause I see my old classmates walking no gliding through life it seems. I say I am not gone compare myself to them but who are we kidding I do,cause we all do? I am human after all and I will make a mistake,which is something I have never been able to come to grips with. I hate messing up and hearing another person tell me I was wrong,but that is life. I am thinking writing my thoughts here on this blog is a mistake but I am doing it,because I had to get these thoughts down somewhere. Those questions that i asked I do not have the answers to them at the moment. I may never have the answers to them. Writing all this right here may be a mistake,and it could come back in bite me in the ass. BUT THIS IS LIFE,and like Prince said we are all trying to get through it,and in life nothing is ever easy. Especially being a motherfucking Adult

What Tupacs Letter To Madonna reveals About Image

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A few days ago, a letter that rap icon Tupac wrote to the Queen of Pop Madonna was revealed. In it tupac appears to be breaking up with madona because she is white. He explains his fans would be devastated if they knew Tupac was sleeping with Madonna and it could hurt his image as a black revolutionary,someone who did not take shit from no body especially if they was white. He also apologizes to Madonna for hurting her and he says that she is a good person and wishes her all the best luck in the world. While reading the letter myself I realized how bad having an image is. An Image is just that an image. Yes,it represents the how a person is but what many fail to realize is a person can change and grow but an image is here to stay. That image can destroy,or prevent a person from growing,meeting new people, and ultimately just being themselves. Because of Tupacs image he might have hurt a dear friend of his all over what some people might think. Unfortunate having an image is still around and even worse than ever. People get so caught up in an image they forget who they was before the spotlight and the glamour. They forget that one cannot stay in the same place to get to the mountain top, and they forgot that in order to grow you have to piss some people off. That is the image I want to see, cause that is the image of a human being

Can We Please Stop being so Damn Sensitive?

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I swear it seems like everyday I wake up and I see some celebrity is trending over a dumb controversy. It was Katy Perry one day when she made a joke comparing her cutting her long black hair to Obamas end of his presidency, it was the show 13 reasons why being slammed for being to triggering,and glorifying suicide,it was Kim Kardashian being called racist cause a darkened photo of hers appeared to be blackface, it was Emma Watson where she was accused of being a hypocrite for seemingly to criticize Beyonce,and now it is Andrew Garfield. Andre Garfield gave an interview where he said he feels like a gay man except for the physical act because he likes to watch Rupauls drag race. He is also playing on Broadway in Angels in America which is a play about the terrible Aids epidemic affect on the gay community. He also has been an amazing lgbt ally. Well when he said that you would have thought he said kill them faggots.  Many people were either accusing him of being a homophobe,or of reducing gay people to stereotypes. I have ultimately had it with this internet culture where people look for stuff to get offended by,and then go on a witch hunt nd try and shame people for making a simple joke,or posting a picture,or a song lyric. LIKE PEOPLE PLEASE SOP IT!!!! All it does is give our enemies more fuel to add to there hateful fire. It also takes away issues that are way more important in this world. I find it funny all these people are mad at a damn joke but if you click on a story about gay teens getting their asses kicked in Malaysia all of a sudden it is crickets. What bothers me the most is when celebs or anyone in general apologizes to these people. Like do they not understand it only gives them more power to go out and be little assholes to everyone. It also shows we as a society have lost how to take a joke,how to laugh at ourselves,how to sometimes roll our eyes and just keep it moving. Not everything deserves a response people. So please stop being so damn offended by everything

The problem of Celeb Culture,and Social Media

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I have said it before and I will say it again social media,really has become the death of us. People no longer can hold a conversation anymore about well anything without getting trolled,attacked,or threatened to be fired. It gets even worse when celebrities are involved. It seems everyday I see post on twitter or Youtube slamming people like Taylor Swift for absolutely nothing at all.She made a video of her joking around with her friend Russel Westbrook an NBA superstar that she taught him how to play basketball,and twitter just lost their minds. She was called everything from a racist bitch,to a demonic snake all for a joke. It is ok to not like Taylor but why overeact to something that was clearly a joke when there are actual real problems going on. The same can be said for Bruno Mars who killed it at the Bet Awards Sunday but some people accused him of cultural appropriation because he performs funk music. That is bullshit because Bruno always acknowledges people who came before him and gives credit where credit is due. It seems everyday there is this culture on social media to get somebody for the most dumbest things. It only leads to everyone falling on their faces running around apologizing to everyone for basically nothing,it reduces real world problems to the point no one will take it seriously,and it also it will lead to a big backlash. I focused on celebrities because I feel celeb culture has gotten way out of hand. People really love to hold people up and immediately tear them down. We see with Katy Perry one minute everyone is on her side about the Katy-Taylor drama and then the next she is a canceled bitch because she performed bad on snl. The fakeness of social media is really to much. I a really concerned about this because all this meanness online really is spilling in the real world. We as a society have become more rude,more vicious,ready to attack anyone who thinks differently from them,and looks differently to. The election of 2016 is partly to blame,however this sentiment has been brewing for a very long time and in my opinion it all started with those big lights on that hill HOLLYWOOD

Gay Pride Month: Things I have Learned

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So I have taken a break from the blog so i can refocus my thoughts,and figure out what I want to do with my life. I recently joined Reddit and I found a community of gay men some close to my age,some older. The topics that are talked about include sex,marriage,monogamy,religion,sports,celebs,and of course who do we think is gay. Haha,that is a gay man for you. However, I must say I was alil shocked about how diverse people in the community really are. I also learned how my views have changed and evolved  gradually over the years. I learned that not every black gay person including this black gay person feels like they are the most oppressed person in the world,and are tired of being perceived that way. I learned that you can be a christian or a Muslim and also be a proud gay man. I learned that there is still a big problem with masculinity,and feminity in the community that needs to be addressed. That dating preferences can be harmless and harmful at the same time. That gay people really do exist in all aspects of life. That young gay people still are struggling,but also have gotten careless. That older gay men sometimes feel jealous,or left out,and resentful about the future. That everyone has an opinion,and trolls will always be around. but most importantly I learned gay people really are people,and i am so proud to be apart of this flawed,jealous,lovable,sweet,and downright amazing community. Happy PRIDE MONTH YOU GUYS,and hopefully next year we can fix all these problems and make the community even more amazing.

Kathy Griffin,Bill Maher, Political Correctness,and the State of Comedy

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By now you all have seen the image that Kathy Griffin used on her twitter to express her feelings about Trump. You also have probably saw Bill Maher tasteless and dumb joke where he used the n word. I know everyone in the universe saw all the backlash against both of these people,and the debate it is starting on line. I could go on a rant about decency,and throw jabs at Trump but I will not. I am going to focus on comedy  which I think is the real victim in this situation. Now I want to say I am a big fan of both Kathy and Bill. However, they both have stepped in dog shit. For Kathy I was very disappointed in her,and I thought she was above attention whoring. I know it was attention whoring because she has always modeled herself after Joan Rivers her idol. Joan would have never apologized if she had done this never. If you truly believe in something and you put your name to it then stand in it. If Kathy believed that about Trump then she should not have apologized and gave everyone the middle finger like Stephen Colbert did when he called Trump Putins bitch. Colberts viewers rose significantly when he said that and he did not apologize for it. That press conference she did yesterday also was not in her best interest as her ramblings made no since,and even Lisa bloom who is a celebrated defense lawyer even ha problems controlling her. That said some of the hate that Kathy is getting I feel is a little excessive,unnecessary,and just plain mean. She did apologize like an adult is suppose to do now let us move on along and focus on more important things. I understand why CNN fired her and why Anderson Cooper twitted he was disappointed in her. Kathy Griffin is not over and she can still bounce back probably in five years but nevertheless sit is possible to comeback from a scandal ask Mel Gibson and Jane Fonda. Now on To Bill who I secretly think has lost his mind. I use to think Bill was the perfect blend of edgy,smart,and funny all rolled into one big atheist. However, after seeing yesterdays episode I realized Bill may be having a breakdown or just tired. For the record him saying the n word was probably the most stupidest move a comedy could have made. Racial ephipets,homophobic slurs,and sexiest rape jokes are no longer funny anymore. I realized Bill has traded in An Coulter territory where he will say anything for shock value. However,he has to realize this is not 1993 anymore. People do not know how to read in context anymore. For the record I do not think Bill is a racist,however I think he ventured out of his lane. He joins people like Guiliana Rancic,Tracey Morgan,and countless others who I believe are decent people and they ventured out of their lane with one bad joke and their careers ended. On the flip side of that comedy has taken a hit over the years with how sensitive everyone has become. Jerry Seinfeld,Chris Rock,and countless other comedians are tired of the political correctness that stops comedians from being comedians. Comedy is suppose to be offensive,it is suppose to get you thinking,it is suppose to make you laugh when you should not laugh. I love comedians cause they take my mind away from the bullshit stuff of this world. It is time to lighten up sometimes my goodness. All this has lead to the lines being blurred between an offensive but funny and smart joke like Stephen Colbert and a tasteless,attention whoring stunts like what Kathy and bill did. Do better guys.

The Lessons I have Learned Since High School

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Today is the day that I graduated from Paxon School for Advanced Studies two years ago. I can still remember how I was feeling that die. I was sad cause my uncle had died two days before. I was happy because all my hard work for the past four years had paid off. I was a little mad because I realized the group of people i met I probably would not see them anymore, and I was scared because I did not know if I could handle the real world. Turns out I cannot handle the real world,but I can at least learn to deal with it. I have grown so much since walking across that stage in my blue and gold cap and gown. I realized that I had allot of growing up to do for an eighteen. Since then I have been a student at Florida State College at Jacksonville for the past two years. I am currently looking at universities to transfer and I plan on majoring in English and minoring in communications. I plan on being a journalist and also an author. Two years ago i was completely lost about what i wanted to do,and constantly changing my mind. I know see the path ahead and I am going to walk it. I have also changed my view on certain things. I realize that issues involving race,sexual orientation,gender,poverty,terrorism,and religion are not new but they have gotten slightly worse over more politicized than ever. I have realized that not everyone thinks the same and that is OK,and if I am bothered what someone says I can either ignore them or confront them. That is how you get shit down. I have stepped back from social media because i now see all the damage it has done to my generation,and really to older generations. i have made it a point to hang out with people who do not see the same thing as me. I have started thinking for myself,and I realize I cannot take every bodies word like i use to. i state my opinions more freely and I always back them up now. My thoughts on certain pop culture figures have also changed my feelings about celebrity. I am no longer interested in who is dating who and who is getting married like I use to be. I still love the red carpet fashions but now I care more about the artwork that is presented to me. I realize that people you care about will greatly disappointment,and in turn you will disappoint them. I am not perfect,and i do make mistakes,but that does not mean I cannot bounce back or I am the most terrible person in the world. I am more concerned with issues like Global Warming,human trafficking,animals going extinct,and how human beings treat each other. I have grown allot since High school,and the most important thing I realized is I have even more growing to do but I am on to a great start.

I am not Anti-Social, I just feel like Being by Myself

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I have picked these three quotes as a way to really simplify the wonderful worded rant that you are about to read her on this blog. I really do struggle with wanting to be around people,and really wanting my own space. I get extremely angry,and dare I say feel shameful when people suggest I am anti-social,or that I must be a soon to be serial killer who is going to shoot up a school. Ok,maybe that last one went a little to far but it is how I sometimes feel. Like the fabulous Audrey Hepburn said I don’t want to be alone,I want to be left alone. Sometimes I like being alone so I can gather my thoughts,so I can think about my next move, so I can reflect on my day. I like being alone because I really learn about myself. People who constantly have to have somebody around them really irritate and annoy me,especially if they are clingy. I enjoy being around a group of people, I really do but once in awhile I need my me time. I hate that we always have to think the kid by themselves is anti-social unfriendly,and worse a killer. That is not always the case. Sometimes they could be in a situation that is uncomfortable,or like most of my childhood around people they just do not like. I am writing this rant because I am tired of people saying I am anti-social. I have thin skin sure,and I am a drama queen you bet your ass I am but anti-social no. I am also writing for my own sake. I use to believe that I was anti-social because I liked staying at home on Saturdays but then I realized I liked staying at home because i could catch up on my shows,and my books I was desperate to read. I would rather not go to that family members event because they are constantly surrounded by negative people. I do not want to go to that party,because everyone there is cheap and nasty. i do not want to be alone, I want to be left alone. Well said Audrey