Looking at the big picture

This morning, I woke up and immediately do what i do every morning. I log into my laptop and look up all that is going on in the world. I saw Molly Ringwald was trending,so I looked her up in a google search and i wanted to see exactly why she was trending. She had wrote an essay for the New Yorker about the two biggest movies that brought her fame. Sixtenn Candles,and the breakfast Club. Here is the link so you all can read for yourselves.

Now I did read it,and i disagree with some of mollys points. In the essay she has decided to go back and look at some of the movies that made her famous and she now says that some moments are problematic to her in the #metoo campaign. Now, I will say she does bring up some good points like how Bender treats her character Claire like shit,and ends up with him in the end. now on paper that does look bad,but if you remember one of Benders biggest problems is that he lives with a father,who abuses,and berates him. It is not that shocking that Bender will turn out the kindest respectful gum that most parents want dating their daughter. Another thing I think Molly forgets is that her character Claire is no walk in the park either. She is rude,privileged,and looks down at other people. Molly also says that she has a problem with the lack of minorities in the film,and how the word fag is used allot.

To her credit,she still believes John Hughes was a brilliant director,and that the breakfast Club really does mean allot to teens of that generation and today,and that it feels weird looking back and judging something that meant allot to her and a whole generation.

Now the one thing that bothers me the most about this is how Molly and allot of other people who agreed 100% with the essay do not look at the big picture.It is so easy to judge something from ten,twenty,thirty years ago and judge those things by the lens of today. I think it counter productive and unfair. Yes,the us eof the word fag mad eme feel uneasy when I first watched the Breakfast Club,and yes the fact that there were not that many minorities in the movie raised some eyebrows. However, the older I got I realized I had to look at the big picture. The reason John Hughes movies are iconic,and still get praise today is because they are honest. Yes Bender was a jerk in the Breakfast Club,but there is a reason why he acted that way. Yes,the word fag is used around allot,but in the 80s that word was use din virtually every high school. The films of john Hughes do not sugar coat the teen experience like other films did. It shows the good,the bad,and the downright ugly. The same with Friends which allot of millennials have a problem with now. Yea,some of the jokes do not age well,and how the characters treat certain things such as lgbt rights,and obesity can be looked at as troubling. But,the show came out in the early 90s. Progress does not happen over night. Sometimes you need ignorance on the tv screen,to et people to think. Again, Friends was popular because it was honest. When Joey had a problem with his dad becoming transgender,he was honest. It may seem insensitive now,but again progress has to start somewhere. That is what I think disappoints me most about social media,and the people who like to call for certain movies to be banned,or certain tv shows to no be showed in reruns. It is so easy to look at something thirty years ago,and cry about how it was racist,sexiest,homophobic,and every other phobic. However, maybe we need to look at the bigger picture,and understand what the audience thirty years ago was like before we start pointing judgmental fingers. As for Molly I did love her essay,and she is an amazing writer. I just wished she had looked at the big picture all the way around.


The World

I get so stressed thinking about the world

That there have been several times i have actually hurled

If it is not police brutality,it is a school shooting

I fit is not a London bombing ,its people looting

If it is not another fight over Trump

Its some stupid challenge going viral about taking a dump

I wonder has everyone gone batshit cray or is it just me

Someone,pleas hear my silent plea

The strange part is everyone looks at me like I am crazy and out of touch

Thats why I need to go buy a mirror for these people to clutch

But, that is why I started this blog

So I will no longer have to continue walking around in this fog

I no longer will let this world stress me out

And have me on the verge of a pout

i know longer believe everyone is crazy just the loud ones

So I am here writing my blog and listening to Big Pun

Because, i do believe the World is still good,at least it can be

So thats why I have stopped stressing so I can do me

and be free







What Does Being black Mean to Me?

I know I know a silly question right

However, it is a question that gives me great fright

Because, there are so many contractions on what black is suppose to be

I actually thought about packing my bags so that I could flee

But, I will not flee

I will stay and sting like a bee’

So black, or African American which is what I prefer to be referred to as

But,if I am called black i will throw a tantrum as I do have class

I realized that only I can determine what it means to be black

If i let other people determine that for me I would surely crack

So what does black mean to me?

Well now lets see

Black to me means I know where my ancestors came from

It means my historyis complicated,sad,but triumphal like a bag of plums

Being black however,does not solely define me

For I am human,and all humans are complicated you see

I feel so confused especially as I watch NBC news

It seems the people who agree with me are only a few

That is until I step outside and I turn around and see

That when I get off social media,and walk outside i am as joyful as a bee

I am proud to be a black feminine man who loves reading,animals,and movies alright

And i no longer have to justify this anymore starting tonight

That is what being black means to me

Now goodnight while I let you digest what your eyes have just seen.




It seems everyone cheats nowadays

Hell it seems being married involves walking through a giant maze

Everyone has been getting caught cheating

Even fictional characters like Annaliese keating

So why does everyone cheat?

Why do some people like meat?

The truth is people are who they are

Thats why everyone should be honest near and far

The truth is not everyone is monogamous and that is the truth

Even if that person is named Mary or Ruth

I think people need to be up front about what they want out of this relationship

Or else they will end up with a head full of staple clips

If you are not interested in one person then tell that person to their face

And if you are that person please do not go grab that can of mase

If you feel this relationship has ran its course then say so

So you do not waste anyone’s time,energy,or flow

Cheating is so lame and just trashy,ad just plain wrong

So just be honest,before you get that ring and ring that marriage gong.






It seems nowadays everyone has an agenda they are trying to push

It is enough to make me want to yell that they should all just shush

It is one of the many reasons why I am so pessimist today

Also the fact that clouds are bullying the suns ray

I am tired of the hypocrisy from the media,social media,and just people high up

It gotten so bad that all I do is read novels,and look at new born pups

A perfect example is Stormy Daniels interview last night

Her revelations gave everyone,especially Trump a very big fright

But i am tired of people holding her up as a feminist icon to the world

But in the same breath condemn other adulterous women,makes me hurl

If you are going to praise this woman then by all means do it

Just be fair all around and do not have a fit

It seems the left thinks of her as there Monica who is going to finally take down Trump

The right sees her as a godless tramp who they want to give her a big kick in the rump

This why I think imma stay away from the news for alittle while

or better yet build me a spaceship so that I can leave Earth and soar a few miles




Enough is Enough

I am a movie buff

I even have come to enjoy terrible movies like the Duff

So Sunday, I sat down to watch the Oscars like I do every year

and what I saw really did cause me great fear

I am so tired of the hypocrisy I see

It makes me mad like I have been stung by a bee

I am so mad about how Ryan Seacrest was treated Sunday

I know for him he must feel low like clay

Have we gotten to a place where innocent until guilty is over

If that is the case let me drop my head into some clovers

I was disgusted by how some of these hypocrites delighted in a mans downfall

Like it was window shopping season at the mall

Some of these people were the main ones applauding Roman Polanski seven years ago

So,when do we say enough no mo

I see why Sundays Oscar ratings were extremly low

Because with hypocrites like this  it makes the sadness in me flow

Enough is Enough I say

Let us fix this behavior  so we can have a new day




This shit is unacceptable you see

I am tired of always having to plea

While everyone else plays the blame game

I just watch them and think how lame

For see another mass shooting has happned last week

Now it seems my world is silently moving down the creek

All this saddness around

And anger is abound

But one thing that bothers me I must admit

I am trembling as i write,because it gives me a fit

It is unacceptable that no one helped this young man

They just ignored his cries,pleas,and frustrations like an old washed up fan

Mental illness is real you fools cant you see

Its unacceptable that I am hear writing this,asking for a plea




Luthers Closet

Image result for luther vandross

A few months ago legend Patti Labelle caught allot of flack for “outing”her bff the legendary R&B crooner Luther Vandross as gay. In other news the sky is blue,2+2=4,and I am a 21 one year old black guy who loves old black and white movies. Seriously, I do not know who was shocked that Luther Vandross was gay. However, i was shocked at how mad everyone was at Patti for being truthful and honest about a problem allot of industry people have. Not being true to themselves to please others. The fact that Luther had to hide because he was scared to tell his mother,and hurt his fans is a damn shame. Yes the man made allot of good songs,but he was singing to another person for their benefit. Never for his. When I look back on his life he seems extremely lonely,and incredible sad. That is how I look at Whitney Houston who allot of people including her ex husband bobby Brown have confirmed that she was bisexual. In the music industry there still is a “dont ask dont tell’,and to be honest it looks like there always will. There are may rappers,rockers,country singers,and crooners who it is very obvious they are gay,but no one will dare say anything. Now I do not believe in outing unless the person deserves it,or to be prove a point. An example of the latter is the outing of Michael Forbes when the media glossed over his homosexuality when he had died. There is still allot of ignorance surrounding homosexuality,and I wish artist could be themselves,and live in their truths. However,that seems like a faraway dream. but i do think things can change,when we change.


Oh Justin

Image result for justin timberlake

So yesterday was the Superbowl,and as any self respecting queen I completely did not care UNTIL it came for the halftime show. I love the Halftime show,because I love dance,music,theater,and controversy and last nights had only dance,and controversy. Now I was not excited for Justin Timberlake to be performing at the Halftime show,because he is so predictable as a performer. He did everything I knew he was going to do as a performer last night. However, i was still gone give him a chance because I actually like JT. He also was the first white man I had a crush on. However, I was not prepared for the mess I saw last night.

I was shocked at how unprepared he seemed last night. The audio was terrible, I could barely hear what he was saying,he seemed out of breath and tired at certain times, and most of all he did not give the crowd what they wanted. I really wanted to rewind his performance and be the director of it. I would have had Nsync,Pearl Jam, Boyz 2 men come out and be filler talents to give JT time to catch his breath,and also because that would have been a Super bowl that everyone would still be talking about. However, i will say that while I may be in the minority i really enjoyed the Prince tribute. I love that song by prince,and I feel the people in Minneapolis enjoyed it to. I also think people need to move away from the Janet Jackson fiasco of 04. If Janet has moved on I think it is time for the rest of us to move on. But hey thats just my opinion.

Overall I believe JT is in that tough space that many performers who started as teens in the late 90s are going through. How to make a good comeback that is tasteful,exciting,iconic,and most of all not embarrassing. It is hard out here in these streets for performers who were considered pop royalty a decade ago and now are being put in the senior citizen category. Right know the options are going to Las Vegas for two years, or going on a world tour with old band mates,old friends,old lovers etc. I think this is where JT has found himself in,by going back to music after taking a few years to be in movies. However, he made one big mistake. He assumed time and the industry would stand still while he took a break,and that just did not happen.

I hope JT does well, in the future as I really like how dedicated he is to music which is something I think this newer generation lacks. However, I also hope he gets smarter going forward and that he understands the industry is different,and the climb back to the top will also be different.

Moving on

So I am moving on

For you see time is a big con

One minute you are 19 just out f high school

Then you are 21 transferring trying not to be a fool

It is time for me to move on again, Lord help me

Even if you make me pay a fee

I am so scared man

For I really do not have a solid plan

I do not know what I want to major in

It seems I always see the devils grin

I do not know if I will like being at a University especially a large one at that

I am scared to make a huge splat

Does anyone else feel this way I ask Reddit late at night

I guess everyone does because i get no answers and that gives me a fright

So please I do not have a breakdown

Or end up looking like a thick ass clown

For not only do i think the world has gone bat shit crazy

Transferring to a University has gotten even more hazy