How to apologize

We all have had to say I am sorry

They say it all the time on the show Maury

Unfortunately some people just cannot bring themselves to do it

They always end up having a fit

I have noticed unfortunately today

The many peoples sorry are as worthless as clay

I feel people are being forced to apologize for petty stuff

To this I say enough is enough

People should not be forced to apologize just simply for saying a controversial statement you see

Because if that was the case everyone would be apologizing including you and me

A person should apologize simply because they want to,and they mean it

And when that person does apologize please do not serve them with spit

I think pC has ruined how we interact with each other

From our cousins, uncles,even our own mothers

We all make mistakes and are human are we not

So please when someone apologizes do not give them a blood clot

Because we all have to apologize someday

Hopefully then apologizes will not be as worthless as a stack of clay





To Far

I support #Metoo

I know I am not the only one with this view

However, I must say this now

Because I see so many people tongue tied like a blind cow

We need to be very clear about what is rape

Because the consequences are going to be so great they will need tape

I think people who lie need to be punished,its only fair

They should stand in their victims places as they look at the glare

I believe everyone has the right to tell their story

But everyone does not have the right to be believed, this is not Maury

i think we need to teach our youth about sex the right way

Instead of hushing,and shaming them that is how they go astray

I think we need to take each rape case by case

Because I know some men who have lost everything and got a face full of mase

Rape is a dangerous and ugly thing

Thats why Maya Angelou had to sing

However, it is just as dangerous to lie

Because you can flatten innocent people like a fly

We need to deal with this in a reasonable and rational way

instead of persecuting,shaming,and yelling because it does not go away

We need to fix these things like a used car

Cause we are truly in danger of going to far



Look Back

Today I woke up and did something I have not done in two years. I looked at my high school yearbook. That big gold and blue colored book is filled with memories of  a year of hard ships,joy,lust, pain,and overall laughter. I was shocked looking back at my self in my yearbook photo taken when I was a senior. I looked so naive,so full of life,and so damn confident. I still am those things,but I believe I am stronger as well. I am alittle more guarded around people,but I am still a wonderful person to be around. i am more comfortable being by myself,but I still can hang out when i want to. I am more free to explore my thoughts,express my feelings than i was in high school. I do  still miss high school. Well I miss the simplicity of high school,the friendships that were easier to develop,the crushes that were easier to have maintain. I miss being in high school I will admit. I miss being that young odd guy walking through them halls with tight pants,a hat,and a big smile with a blue bookbag following me. Those were them days,but life goes on,and all I can do is look back.


I am tired of Donald Trump

He gives my throat a big lump

I am tired of CNN to

They really need to get a clue

I am equally tired of foxnews

Just posting bullshit for views

I am tired of ignorant assholes

Posting memes that are just as ugly as there moles

I am tired of liberals preaching

because nowadays they seem to always be reaching

I am tired of conservatives whining

Because they believe that they are always reaching Gods shining

I am tired of everyone always being offended by everything

They almost made me right wing

But I am tired of these people who are right wing to

There bullshit makes me want to be stepped on by a big shoe

I am tired of these hypocritical celebs who post all day

However,when you think about it they really do not have much to say

I am tired of these conservatives telling these people to shut up

Because they are just as wishy washy as my newly washed cup

I am tired of being a pessimistic bitch

But hey at least I am not a snitch

But for real though I am super tired

It really gets me fired

I probably need to just tune everyone out

But then I would be lonely and then shout

I wish i could contact Garbo and ash her how to it

without having a fit

Then again I am not Garbo,and I will not try

So I guess i will just continue being tired with my chicken i will fry





I am not a  sports fan

I am not a football loving man

I have tried and tried

But each time I just fall asleep in my chicken i just fried

I found out my home team is headed to the AFC

That was surprising you see

For the Jacksonville Jaguars have always been a joke

Until they came back this year and rubbed off that yoke

They could even be headed to the super bowl

Hell people have already went to the online poll

I am so happy for the team

They have really made allot of people dream

But i do feel guilty you see

I really have tried not to be

For I really do not care about the game

When i think about this I feel shame

For I would rather watch politics or red carpets or law and order

Because of this my aunt thinks i have a disorder

I am coflicted on this which is quite silly

Now I know how will felt when he left Philly

This is such big news for my city

But because i do not care I feel pity

I guess thats what I am writing this to you

Because I am one of a few

To not care about a historical football game

But then again contradiction is my middle name



The Doctor is in

I know a man who was a doctor you see

He seems like a pretty swell guy to me

He kind of resembles Jerry orbac in the face

That probably why he is so full of grace

i first met him when I was sixteen

Back then the world was very mean.

I had a friend who was in trouble

He said he would help,would not even charge us double

I noticed all the flyers hanging around the doctors car

The angry big letters you can see from afar

MURDER,SINNER,SOB are what the flyers said

I was shocked the doctor himself had not yet fled

i was grateful this doctor had helped my friend

Because if not this could have been the end

Yes I know it is a very divisive subject

My own mother would likely object

Thats the problem with abortion you see

The people involved are  seldom left to be

This past summer my friend the doctor had died

Me and my friend both attended and yea we cried

For the doctor did not deserve all those posters he got

The hat email piling up on his mail slot.

Yes abortion is a tricky thing

However, it is even more tricky when you are single with no ring.

Thats why as we sat crying over his grave

My friend looked at me and with tears she tried to behave

I then realized why this man put up with it all these years

Because of people like my friends fears.

Judgement is a very ugly thing

I am ashamed I realized that know as the crows around me begun to sing.


To Leave or Not To Leave

Ugh what can I say

I wish I did not have to play

I just really do not know what to do

so I am stuck feeling blue


Do I move out after this year

It really is my greatest fear

I am scared to get out there

This stress is really bad for my hair

I have prayed to God every night

Do I stay or do I take flight

These descisons are so hard

I Guess thats why being an adult is a ton of lard


i hope I can make the right choice

At least thats what i hear allot form my friend joyce

This shit is for the birds I say

Well there is no more time to play

We Need to be more Responsible

Image result for sexual harassment

Harvey Weinstein,Bill Cosby, Bill o Reilly these men have all been brought down by women who have come forward saying each of these three men have touched them inappropriate,threatened them,and even raped them. The downfall of these men have led to an outpouring of women and men,gay and straight telling their tales of being harassed,threatened,and dismissed. I am glad people are finally speaking out on this documented,and controversial issue that has brought pain to so many people. However, I do have a problem with people just accepting an accusation with no questions asked. I understand allot of victims of rape,and sexual harassment do not come forward. However, I also realize that some people do lie about these things. That is one of the worst things a person can do is lie about being a victim of sexual assault. A person who lies about sexual assault takes legitimacy from actual victims,and also destroys someones life. It scares me if I am being honest when there is an accusation and everyone on social media begins the witch hunt with out looking at it from all sides. I feel this way because i have had a family member who has been  falsely accused of rape and I see how a false accusation can damage a persons life,and that persons family. A false accusation can also create cynical feelings every time a rape accusation is mentioned,even when there is clear evidence that supports the victim. I am all for people coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment. However, I will say that every accusation needs to be scrutinized because it only takes one false accusation to dirtier every other brave soul that comes forward.

The Provacative . Thought Provoking, Icon of sex:Hugh Hefner

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S-E-X that three letter word. It makes people blush,curse,stutter,and jump up and down for joy. Sex has been with the Earth since well the beginning. However, human beings are the only living things that has made laws concerning sex. There have been laws that forbid sex between races,lesbian and gay sex,and even sex that is not used for reproduction. this is the World Hugh Marston Hefner came into on April 9,1926. It was that  world and its rules which would lead to Hugh being one of the most controversial,cultural,and sexual icons of the past five decades. It was the rise of playboy with the cover of Americas favorite blonde that would help launch the sexual revolution, and also launch questions about decency,sex, feminism,and overall a legacy.

Playboy magazine is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The playboy bunny has also become a pop culture symbol. It has also been seen as a misogynistic symbol ever since Gloria Steinham went undercover in the early sixties to reveal widespread sexual harassment going on in the playboy clubs. However, the Playboy brand has also helped launch many careers from Anna Nicole Smith to Pamela Anderson to Jenny McCarthy to Kim Kardashian. The playboy brand has made many of these women into cultural icons. Playboy also had amazing articles that were way ahead of its time. Articles about abortion,gay rights,civil rights,gun control,monogamy,and even plain old politics were debated and shared through the pages of Playboy. Hugh Hefners tv show playboy after dark gave a platform for up and coming black artist like Ike and Tina Turner and was a second home for icons such as Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra.

However, playboy has did some shady stuff in the past. Some of those famous shots of famous woman were not always achieved legally. From Marilyn to Madonna to Charlize some of these naked pictures were taken way before these woman became famous. Also the image of Hugh in his pjs walking around with five tall woman in bunny outfits rubbed allot of feminist the wrong way. In recent years Playboy has taken a big hit. Sales have been down because of the rise of internet porn,and people have stopped being shocked by the image of a naked woman. Even the Playboy mansion has lost its glamour and its iconic brand has been made into more of a joke.

However, Hugh Hefner is really an Icon. An Icon is more than a famous person. An Icon is someone in my opinion whose work and life was so controversial that even when they are gone people are still talking about them. An Icon is someone who decided the old rules aint work for him and decided to make up some new rules. An icon in my opinion is some one who literally helped start a revolution and started a conversation. That revolution was sex,the conversation was how sex is great in our lives,and that Icon is Hugh Hefner.

Is Sex the Only thing that sells?

Image result for tina turner

The Goddess of Rock music Tina Turner revealed allot in a new iterview. For those of you wondering here is the link for the high lights of that interview right here

Now one thing i found interesting in this interview is Tina is talking baout the new group of female pop icons such as Jlo, Beyonce and Rihanna whose music and style have been taking over for the past decade. Whie Tina admires these women she does make a point of discussing how sexaul the female stars have become vs when she was the top queen in the 70s and 80s. She feels that it s competitiveness and weak management that allows these women to be sexual on stage. she goes on to say that the trend of performing in skimpy outfits started with madonna and she fees these women are trying to outdo each other. She also makes a point that while she did sing about sex she hinted at it,and that the women in the audience did not see her as a threat to their husbands or boyfriends. She ends by saying she is big fans of all these women especially Beyonce and JLO and while she disagrees with the sexual nature of their performances she likes that they at least have talent.

Now I have to be honest and say I agree and disagree with Ms Tina. I agree with the fact that I do think competitiveness does drive allot of sexual performances and even revealing outfits on the red carpet. I also agree with Tina that sometimes you just need a short skirt and stilletos and just get on the stage and rock it out to have a good show. Now where i disagree with her is more complicated. I feel Ms Tina like other famous icons is coming from a place and time that no longer exist. The 80s were a very conservative time especially for women entertainers. Yes, Madonna did start the trend but also Madonna was vilified by not only some of the public,but the catholic church,and other female entertainers and feminist. I like that people like Beyonce and Rihanna can get on stage and twerk,and dry hump because I feel like it is honest,and it reassures others that it is ok to like and enjoy sex. That being said I also disagree with tina where she says most of these new woman have talent,because n my opinion allot of these women do not have that much talent. It is one thing to go on stage and flash people ad smack your ass,however just please have the talent to back it all up please. I think when people say sex sells, I believe they are mistaken. Sex gets attention,it cause commotion,and it can even get a spot on CNN once n a while. but talent that will still sell in the end.