We Need to be more Responsible

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Harvey Weinstein,Bill Cosby, Bill o Reilly these men have all been brought down by women who have come forward saying each of these three men have touched them inappropriate,threatened them,and even raped them. The downfall of these men have led to an outpouring of women and men,gay and straight telling their tales of being harassed,threatened,and dismissed. I am glad people are finally speaking out on this documented,and controversial issue that has brought pain to so many people. However, I do have a problem with people just accepting an accusation with no questions asked. I understand allot of victims of rape,and sexual harassment do not come forward. However, I also realize that some people do lie about these things. That is one of the worst things a person can do is lie about being a victim of sexual assault. A person who lies about sexual assault takes legitimacy from actual victims,and also destroys someones life. It scares me if I am being honest when there is an accusation and everyone on social media begins the witch hunt with out looking at it from all sides. I feel this way because i have had a family member who has been  falsely accused of rape and I see how a false accusation can damage a persons life,and that persons family. A false accusation can also create cynical feelings every time a rape accusation is mentioned,even when there is clear evidence that supports the victim. I am all for people coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment. However, I will say that every accusation needs to be scrutinized because it only takes one false accusation to dirtier every other brave soul that comes forward.


The Provacative . Thought Provoking, Icon of sex:Hugh Hefner

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S-E-X that three letter word. It makes people blush,curse,stutter,and jump up and down for joy. Sex has been with the Earth since well the beginning. However, human beings are the only living things that has made laws concerning sex. There have been laws that forbid sex between races,lesbian and gay sex,and even sex that is not used for reproduction. this is the World Hugh Marston Hefner came into on April 9,1926. It was that  world and its rules which would lead to Hugh being one of the most controversial,cultural,and sexual icons of the past five decades. It was the rise of playboy with the cover of Americas favorite blonde that would help launch the sexual revolution, and also launch questions about decency,sex, feminism,and overall a legacy.

Playboy magazine is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The playboy bunny has also become a pop culture symbol. It has also been seen as a misogynistic symbol ever since Gloria Steinham went undercover in the early sixties to reveal widespread sexual harassment going on in the playboy clubs. However, the Playboy brand has also helped launch many careers from Anna Nicole Smith to Pamela Anderson to Jenny McCarthy to Kim Kardashian. The playboy brand has made many of these women into cultural icons. Playboy also had amazing articles that were way ahead of its time. Articles about abortion,gay rights,civil rights,gun control,monogamy,and even plain old politics were debated and shared through the pages of Playboy. Hugh Hefners tv show playboy after dark gave a platform for up and coming black artist like Ike and Tina Turner and was a second home for icons such as Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra.

However, playboy has did some shady stuff in the past. Some of those famous shots of famous woman were not always achieved legally. From Marilyn to Madonna to Charlize some of these naked pictures were taken way before these woman became famous. Also the image of Hugh in his pjs walking around with five tall woman in bunny outfits rubbed allot of feminist the wrong way. In recent years Playboy has taken a big hit. Sales have been down because of the rise of internet porn,and people have stopped being shocked by the image of a naked woman. Even the Playboy mansion has lost its glamour and its iconic brand has been made into more of a joke.

However, Hugh Hefner is really an Icon. An Icon is more than a famous person. An Icon is someone in my opinion whose work and life was so controversial that even when they are gone people are still talking about them. An Icon is someone who decided the old rules aint work for him and decided to make up some new rules. An icon in my opinion is some one who literally helped start a revolution and started a conversation. That revolution was sex,the conversation was how sex is great in our lives,and that Icon is Hugh Hefner.

Is Sex the Only thing that sells?

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The Goddess of Rock music Tina Turner revealed allot in a new iterview. For those of you wondering here is the link for the high lights of that interview right here

Now one thing i found interesting in this interview is Tina is talking baout the new group of female pop icons such as Jlo, Beyonce and Rihanna whose music and style have been taking over for the past decade. Whie Tina admires these women she does make a point of discussing how sexaul the female stars have become vs when she was the top queen in the 70s and 80s. She feels that it s competitiveness and weak management that allows these women to be sexual on stage. she goes on to say that the trend of performing in skimpy outfits started with madonna and she fees these women are trying to outdo each other. She also makes a point that while she did sing about sex she hinted at it,and that the women in the audience did not see her as a threat to their husbands or boyfriends. She ends by saying she is big fans of all these women especially Beyonce and JLO and while she disagrees with the sexual nature of their performances she likes that they at least have talent.

Now I have to be honest and say I agree and disagree with Ms Tina. I agree with the fact that I do think competitiveness does drive allot of sexual performances and even revealing outfits on the red carpet. I also agree with Tina that sometimes you just need a short skirt and stilletos and just get on the stage and rock it out to have a good show. Now where i disagree with her is more complicated. I feel Ms Tina like other famous icons is coming from a place and time that no longer exist. The 80s were a very conservative time especially for women entertainers. Yes, Madonna did start the trend but also Madonna was vilified by not only some of the public,but the catholic church,and other female entertainers and feminist. I like that people like Beyonce and Rihanna can get on stage and twerk,and dry hump because I feel like it is honest,and it reassures others that it is ok to like and enjoy sex. That being said I also disagree with tina where she says most of these new woman have talent,because n my opinion allot of these women do not have that much talent. It is one thing to go on stage and flash people ad smack your ass,however just please have the talent to back it all up please. I think when people say sex sells, I believe they are mistaken. Sex gets attention,it cause commotion,and it can even get a spot on CNN once n a while. but talent that will still sell in the end.

Hurricane Harvey and Celebrities,and the Media

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Tuesday night was the Hand in Had benefit telethon to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey i Texas. Almost every celebrity was there to lend a hand and all together they raised $44 million. However there were some people who felt like the telethon got to political and many said that they felt Hollywood stars were only doing this to show their faces.

The political controversy comes from veteran singer Stevie Wonder opening up the show and criticizing those who deny climate change going as far as telling them they are blind. Then Beyonce made a video of herself talking about racism which many felt was uncalled for. Now here is my thing with all this controversy. I agree with Stevie Wonder expressing his opinion that climate change is real and it is a very big thing people need to take seriously. Climate change was one of the factors that I believe lead to the super storms known as Harvey and Irma. However, to say those who do not believe in climate change as being blind I felt was uncalled for,because at the end of the day some of the victims of Harvey and Irma might not believe in climate change,and saying they are blind probably will not get them to change their mind. As far as Beyonce goes, while Beyonce is my favorite singer I have to keep it real by saying there is a time and a place for everything,and that was not the time and place. I did like the fact she mentioned parts of southeast Asia which is also going through a tough time as well. Having said all that I must go after Fox News and the right wing media who have blown both of what these people said out of proportion,however when Ann Coulter,and these homophobic pastors saying Houston got what it deserved for electing a lesbian mayor,and blamed the hurricane on gay marriage and gay rights advocates the right wing media loves to hide behind free speech and not being PC. It is inconsistency like this that stops me from being on the right,cause certain people on the right are the biggest hypocrites ever.

I want to end this post by expressing my opinion about celebrities being political. I am all for anyone expressing their opinion on any subject they want. However, there has to be a time and a place for everything. I believe people need to think before they speak especially at a publicized event like a premiere of a  movie,or an award show. They also have to realize that you cannot please everybody. I see so many people having to apologize for everything,or being caught up in the twitter outrage culture we live in. It creates an atmosphere of fear,fakeness,and no one walks away with anything. I also feel like some celebrities are just political to get browny points. These are celebs I do not respect. i respect people like Ellen Degeneres,Oprah, Robert De Niro,and Julie Andrews. These are people who put their money were there mouth is. If you are serious about climate change donate your money to scientist. If arts is your thing give to an local performance art center. Animals,or technology is where you are passionate well create a scholarship for STEM programs fr high school students or donate to a local zoo. These are things I feel celebs who choose to be political should do instead of going on twitter and arguing all day with Trump supporters. That is my opinion and thank you all for reading.

I really have Grown Up

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So last night was the MTV VMAs which celebrate the best video music awards of the past year. It is the event every new and up in coming artist looks forward to. The show is known for controversial speeches,moments, and scandlous performances. At least that is what it used to be known for. This year was the first time I did not watch the whole show. I only watched PINk performance cause she is so badass its insane. I think I have grown up. Award shows just are not as fun anymore as they use to. I woke up and saw some of the performances online and I watched and I was shocked at how basic most of them were. Back when I was young when you performed at the vmas you brought your A game. last night it seemed almost everyone with the exception of Kendrick Lamar brought their zzzzz game cause those performances were so boring. I was also dissappointed that MTV cut short the tribute to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park especially when Linkin Parks videos were played all over MTV in the golden Age of Mtv. Yea, I have grown up and my expectations have grown up to. Maybe that is the problem with only marketing towards young teens only,because as time changes those teens do become adults with higher expectations and a different outlook on life. I think tht is where me and my other friends who felt the same way are now. The generation after me thinks differently and has a different outlook on life,and that is ok,but I do wish the standards were set high just like they was for me and my fellow millennials.

Why The Left and The Right are Equally Responsible

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Saturday, I was staring at my tv horrified by the violent images I saw being plastered all over it. I saw a group of people just wrestling in the street. Some had Nazi signs,and white nationalist sayings,while others had black ski mask on and had bats in their hands. In the end three people ended up dying. one a thirty-three year old woman who got ran over by a young homicidal racist. the other two were troopers whose helicoptor tragically went down. I for one have had it up to here with this bullshit. It  has gotten so bad.

Since Donald Trump came into office, t seems rioting and trying to kill the other side has become the norm. The scary part is that both the far right and the far left have gotten so big,and are actually trying to destroy this country I call home. From the KKk and neo-nazis to the anarchist assholes known as Antifa, these far fringe groups have just been rising and i personally believe it is because of the failure of the left and the right to solve problems,and see where the other side is coming from.

The problem with the left is that they have backed themselves up into a corner with identity politics,microaggressions,and shutting down people who disagree them. They have lead to groups like Antifa who like to cause chaos where ever they land in America. They have given a voice to hypocrites like Linda Sarsour, Umar Johnson,and Tariq Nasheed who do nothing but make false racism allegations, turn on people who disagree with them,and pretend to care about the plight of another community when a white person attacks that community but if they attack it then they are always right. The narrative that everyone white, straight,and male is the devil is also another thing that needs to be challenged. So does shutting down speech that yu disagree with,or even hurts your feelings. Everyone has the right to be offended! That is a sad but basic truth. You can debate someone who has a bad idea.but by shutting them down you have done nothing but give them a bigger platform,and  drove them to spread their harmful views to another medium.

The problem with the right is they have backed themselves into a corner by trying to make theirviews the law of the land and trying to stop political correctness. Now I am no fan of being pc all the time,but there is a big difference between being pc and being a human being. Everything,should not be defended all the time. If you say something racist,sexiest,or homophobic be prepared to be called out and debated on it. These right wing politicians,and media analysist have done a great disservice by trying to lessen claims of racism,sexism ,homophobia and every other ism out there. These people are the reason why most Americans think all republicans are racist,assholes who want the world to go back to 1957.

I should also add social media is another culprit in this madness. The twitter game of trying to get people and shame people has everyone walking on eggshells and scared to dwell in places that are uncomfortable. The KKK and Isis have done a great job of requiting young men who feel left out,and confused about their place in society. These things need to be talked about more,without journalist being accused of racism,or being a race apologist. These professionally offended people have gotten so powerful that people really cannot have an intelligent conversation anymore .This twitter culture where everyone is out to get someone is terrifying. The fact that someone can make a false allegation against any celebrity like Cardi b and try to make it seem someone was being racist,and homophobic for a tweet they sent five years ago is down right scary. People have to make mistakes to learn. That is a basic fact. You cannot shame someone for a mistake,or they will never learn.

These three culprits need to do better,cause i do not ever want to see another scene on my tv screen like I did that Saturday afternoon.


The Ins and Outs of Exposing

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Exposed,that word will be the word of 2017. Everyone getting exposed these days. From R Kelly sex cult,to Usher Herpes shocker,to Kevin Harts alleged cheating exposing has become apart of our culture. It is part of the industry I hope to one day be apart of,which is being an entertainment journalist. However, as i sit back and reflect I sometimes feel bad that it has gotten this bad. People are exposing each other left and right on social media. From cheating,being on the DL,being  addicted to drugs I mean everything. Some exposing is good,like if you are an asshole and you need to be taken down I welcome that exposing. However, I feel like things have gone to far. Nowadays anyone can create a fake story to “expose”someone. It is mind blowing really how people believe everything now if someone post something to instagram. It has actually mad eme kind of scared really,because in life we do make mistakes,and we should all learn from them mistakes.However, if everyone sees your mistakes and offers you nothing but negativity and some memes then how do you learn from your mistakes. I have said it before and you know I will say it again social media has pros and cons but right know it has many more cons

It is time we had a Talk Everyone

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Last Friday one of my favorite radio shows the Breakfast Club got into some hot water,when comedian Lil Duval jokingly said he would kill a transwoman if the transwoman did not tell him she was transgendered. The interview got even more cringe worthy when Lil Duval was calling transgender author Janet mock who had been on the Breakfast Club the day before a man,and some other controversial comments. Soon after #Boycottthe BreakfastClub was spreading like wildfire all over the internet,and popular shock jock Charlemagne  was condemned for laughing at the jokes and even had two trans activist disrupt his speech. Lil Duval however, has refused to apologize for his comments. now this situation has annoyed me for various reasons. First I am going to talk about the transgender community. Now I am apart of the LGBT community and I do understand what being trans means,however how some trans people handled this situation was not very good. Those two trans activist who disrupted Charlamagnes speech made themselves and that community look like fools,especially since Char has been an ally for along time. I am also annoyed with some of these trans authors trying to paint the picture of no body at the Breakfast club standing up for trans rights when that was an outright lie. Angela Yee ,Char,and Dj Envy both condemned Lil Duval and tried to explain transgenders especially Angela Yee who has been rocking with the lGBT since the beginning. By doing that they are alienating millions of allies,or good people who want to understand. I also have to say that a trans person has the responsibility to tell other people they are trans before going on a date,or even having sex with that person. That is a big myth that trans people are trying to trick men and that is not always the case. I understand it is scary,and also lonely but you ave to always be honest. I see so many trans “advocates” in the media who brag about tricking men and I cringe every time because it only hurts that community more.the other part about that interview that annoyed me was the fact that Lil duvals jokes simply were not funny to me and really offensive. A comedian should not be politically correct but they always have to be funny. I also did not like when I was reading the comment section under Janet mocks interview on Youtube and seeing some vile disturbing comments. These people did not even bother watching the interview which was an amazing interview,and instead they resorted to calling someone out their name,wishing death on them,and blaming white people for black LGBT people. I can see why some transwoman do not reveal they are transgender. How can a transgender person tell their story if people automatically are going to throw names,and wish violence on them? Look being trans is not a new thing, it is seen in many different cultures,and around the world. Not all transgenderes are like Caitlyn Jenner , or the ones who be exposing male celebrities. There are some who live decent lives,and the spotlight should be put on them cause they the ones that deserve it. I also wish people would listen to those stories instead of talking about a gay agenda. There is a difference between an agenda and a representation. I cannot control what others do,but I can control myself. I wrote my opinion down on this page,and I hope everyone follows it.

Stop Defending This Shit

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Last week was a bad week for black male entertainers. Usher was exposed as giving his mistress herpes while he was married. Kevin Hart was exposed for cheating on his new pregnant wife,but what story that is even worse than those two were the R Kelly story. Earlier this week their were reports of R Kelly having a sex cult in his mansions where girls who are 19 and up were being taught to please him sexually,and they basically are alienated from their families,and have to live by strict rules that Kelly himself has made up. Now since then allot of fuckery has come out of this story to one of the victims giving a very awkward interview to TMZ, to her sister making a diss record about R Kelly,to the father saying he gone basically run up into the mansion like Rambo. Aside from that there are two things I have a problem with this whole story. One is the naive and selfish parents literally pimping and tricking out their daughters. We have all known this mans history with young women. From marrying a 15 yr old Aaliyah to peeing on a 14 yr old child, this man has had disturbing allegations following him for along time. So I am confused as to why any parent would send their daughters to go on tour with this man,or allow them to stay in the house with this man and not think nothing sexual was going to happen. You are a parent you have to use common sense,and be on the lookout for your child. Another thing that bothers me about this whole situation is how dismissive certain fans of R kelly are about this. I am tired of seeing post saying why is no one upset about Hugh Hefner,or it is only the white man trying to persecute a rich black man. Like are you all for real. The difference between Hugh Hefner and R Kelly is Hugh Hefner aint on camera peeing in a childs mouth,and the playboy playmates are all legal,and get paid to be bunnies. It may be nasty that an 80 yr old man fucks 23 yr olds put it is legal. As far as the white man conspiring against R Kelly I call bullshit on that to. If that was true R Kelly would have went to prison for 50 yrs instead of being acquitted. People literally sit up here and act like R Kelly is a damn civil rights leader who marched in Selma Al,and got his head beaten in, NOOOOO. He is a damn singer who makes amazing music. That is it,i have never seen him to anything for the black community other than get black people to shake they asses at a cookout. The hypocrisy in all of this is to much. Yes, these girls are 19 and are of age but are we to ignore he meet some of them when they were 16. That he has a history of messing around and sleeping with underage girls. that most of his victims are left depressed,and called things like a fast ass hoe while he is looked at as a god or something. Yes this man is talented,and yes this man is an icon,but do not sit in my face and pretend like this man has not done some serious and disgusting shit. He is a perverted pedophile. It is time we in the black community start calling this shit out,instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretending shit alright when it is not. I have stopped listening to this mans music,and I have given people who have worked with him the side eye to. I hope you all will do the same.

The Gay Agenda

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An agenda, that word has become murkier over the years I feel. When I hear the word agends it is always follwed after the word gay. Yep the gay agenda. It is a word that right wing politicians,homophobic christians or muslims, radical organizations,and even some gay people themselves use to describe growing acceptance of gay people and gay rights. most of these people claim gay people are out to get kids,or gay people are trying to silence peoples opinions,or gay people only label people homophobic if they disagree with them. Now for the last argument sometimes that is true because the word homophobic has been thrown around so much latley it is ridiculous,but gay people are not the only ones who do that. Racist,and sexiest gets thrown around do because everyone is so damn sensitive to everything now.However,for me when I hear people talk about the gay agenda that bothers me the most is when people label gay things being part of the gay agenda. Like if a gay singer sings about being gay its the gay agenda, or if there is a gay movie with gay characters and  agay subplot its the gay agenda. My favorite is when on Youtube there is a video with the title saying I like to suck gay dick and people will go to the comment section saying how nasty and evil the gay agenda is. WHEN THEY CLICKED ON THE VIDEO!!!!!! People have to realize everything is not meant for everyone Gay people do not look for validation they are looking for respect,and the right to be left aloe. That is not a gay agenda. That is just being a damn good person